Watch Out, Mama

Dallas here.

My mama and I almost met our Maker recently, and, because she’s still seething, I get to write about it.

(I don’t have the Irish temper mama has!)

Here’s what happened:

We were coming home from a nice walk and trying to cross a wide street into our subdivision. I’d already done my business and greeted some of my favorite friends, so I was panting pretty good, though mama hadn’t even broken a sweat.

Anyway, a truck was coming from our right; everything to the left was clear. There was a car stopped perpendicular to us in our neighborhood, waiting to turn onto the wide street.

It didn’t take long for the truck to pass. After it did, mama led me out into the wide street.

(If there had been a motorcycle, I’d have tried to herd it; otherwise, I just kind of mosey along with my mama, figuring she can watch out for traffic).

Suddenly, the waiting car decided it was going, too.

And instead of turning wide to let mama and me pass, that idiot driver cut tight to the left.

Watch it, mama!

We almost got mowed down, right there in the middle of the street.

The only reason we were saved is because we ran! That was kind of fun actually — Mama doesn’t usually run with me because it seems to set off my barker.

Well, mama was furious. She started hollering at that lady driver and called her all sorts of bad-sounding names (I didn’t know my mama said stuff like that!).

And the lady driver? Well, she was yakking on her phone and mouthed an apology, but mama wasn’t buying it. And she grumbled most of the way home, too.

Don’t cross an Irish woman trying to protect her babies (and yes, I’m her baby!)

Dallas, signature

Dallas, signature

22 thoughts on “Watch Out, Mama

  1. “Well, mama was furious. She started hollering at that lady driver and called her all sorts of bad-sounding names (I didn’t know my mama said stuff like that!).”

    Hey Dallas, please tell Mama that the same thing has happened to me while crossing a street and that I too used all sorts of bad-sounding names. Because not only did it make me mad, but it also scared me to death!

    “And the lady driver? Well, she was yakking on her phone…”

    Yup, me too. And many times it’s been city cab driver who should know better.

    Glad to hear you and Mama are okay!

    X to you both!

    • Thanks, Ron. Isn’t it infuriating when drivers don’t pay attention and nearly plow you over while they’re otherwise occupied (usually texting, though like as not changing CDs, putting on mascara, or even reading a paperback book?!)

      First comes the fear, then the anger, then the Bad Words, ha!

      Glad you, too, managed to avoid being hit (and you’re so right — they ALL should know better!)

      Happy Tuesday, my friend!

    • I’m not sure I’m as “mindful” as I should be, Kb. Too often, I wind up yakking on the phone myself (though even then, I guess the greater part of me is paying attention — after all, Darling Doggie Dallas is counting on me to keep him safe!)

  2. Goodness gracious, Dallas! That sounds scary and awful. I have a friend who was once crossing at a crosswalk and she did get hit by a car. Sent her flying into the air. Thankfully she has recovered, but it just seems these days drivers aren’t paying attention. Good think you don’t live here. San Diego is fast becoming a scary place for pedestrians. They keep getting hit!

    • My sister just told me of a young woman who was hit by a car in a parking lot, and she might lose a leg because of it. Stuff like that is just too scary!!

      Generally, my little town seems to be relatively safe for pedestrians, though it’s a far cry from those “healthful” cities with special bike lanes and such. Illinois has banned cell phone use while driving — all over the state. I imagine that will help, but I kind of hate having to be legislated into something that should be obvious!

  3. Scary experience! I’m glad you are both safe. I don’t walk that often (I know, I should) but I definitely feel safer in a smaller town than in the big city. On the other hand, distractions happen anywhere so things like this are a good reminder that we need to pay attention – whether we’re the driver or the walker.

    • Good point, Janna — paying attention is crucial. Dallas and I try to walk EVERY day (if he can’t go with me because of rain, I’ll hop on the treadmill and go it alone). One never would think somebody might dart out of nowhere and nearly clip them — she wasn’t paying attention, that’s all. Nowadays, I steer her a wide berth, ha!

  4. Glad Dallas could see the lighter side to this OUTRAGEOUS situation. I thought cell phone use was illegal. Happy that your quick stepping kept you out of harms way.

    • Thanks, Pat. It was scary — and outrageous. I think we’re lucky to have been in a relatively slow speed zone, too — not that we ever walk along interstates, ha!!

  5. God was watching over you and your mom. Ever since cell phones became so available….danger has lurked around for us all. What happened to you and your mom is very angering and she expressed it in how she felt in that harrowing moment. A man cut me off yesterday and almost hit my car because I pulled out in front of him. He sped up purposely.

    I was so mad for about a mile down the road and then I made myself…get over it and prayed for him. It was hard…but there are mean and non-caring drivers out there in abundance now. Lesson here…pray for traveling mercies every morning before going out of the house. So glad that you and your mom are in the land of the living today!!!

    • Thank you, Tanya. One of my sister’s friends advises not to complain when other drivers do stupid things but rather to pray for them. That’s just what you did! Yes, it’s hard. Our first inclination is to say bad words and wish evil upon them, but perhaps God is calling us to offer them (and their ignorance) up to Him. After all, we’ve all pulled boners, haven’t we?!

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