Here a Debbie, There a Debbie

Not long ago, my new friend Beth Ann wrote about the latest offerings from the Tennessee company which makes Little Debbie snacks.

And I just had to cringe.

Little Debbie?

Sheesh, you’d think a company that’s been in business since the Great Depression would have selected a cooler name than “Little Debbie,” wouldn’t you?

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A Passion for Flowers

He who is born with a silver spoon in his mouth is generally considered a fortunate person, but his good fortune is small compared to that of the happy mortal who enters this world with a passion for flowers in his soul. — Celia Thaxter

For nearly as long as I can remember, my mom has planted Impatiens after the danger of frost has passed.

They were beautiful. A profusion of color — shades of pink and white that made you smile when you peeked outside.

The past few years, mom has refused to buy them.

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How Tall is Your Corn?

“Knee high by the Fourth of July” used to be the benchmark for farmers trying to determine whether their corn crop was on track.

And once upon a time, it was accurate.

That was before. Now, thanks to technology, farmers are able to plant their crops earlier, the seeds are sturdier, and the plants respond.

Check out this plot of field corn (used for animals, not humans):

Corn plants growing in rows

Corn plants growing in rows

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Duck Duck Swoop

Remember my post last year when I helped Domer rid his front door of a bird’s nest?

Well, guess what? It’s nesting season.


And poor Domer is fighting the swooping birds in the Land of the North.

All by himself.

He’s not happy about it.

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