Fruits? Or Veggies?

Tell me — If you had to choose, would you prefer Fruits or Vegetables?

I know, I know. Both are good for you. Both contain teeny amounts, if any, of saturated and trans fat. Both are cholesterol-free, relatively low in calories, and chock-full of nutrients.

But, assuming you could only have one or the other, which would you choose?

At this time of year, fresh fruits and veggies are readily available. Melons, grapes, bananas, peaches, oranges, tomatoes, strawberries, apples. Green beans, peas, corn, squash, greens, peppers, carrots.

Even in the off-season, most are available either in the fresh, canned, or frozen form.

So which do you like better, Fruits or Veggies?

Doctors and nutritionists advise us to eat a variety of both. Some are higher in fiber than others; some contain different necessary vitamins and minerals. All help reduce the risk of diseases like high blood pressure, some cancers, and heart disease.

They tend to be colorful. And crunchy. Easy to eat (or snack). Kid-friendly.

But do you have a preference? Do you naturally gravitate toward Fruits? Or Veggies?

Most parents know kids typically eat more fruits than vegetables (unless, I suppose, they’re raised vegetarian). I certainly did.

Give me something sweet, call it good-for-me, and I’m in!

I came to veggies later (no thanks to school lunches).

And they had to be just so. Not hidden by sauces, not touching anything else on my plate, and only certain varieties.

I still won’t eat Brussels sprouts, Lima beans, cauliflower, broccoli, turnips, squash…well, that list goes on and on!

My parents used to advise me, “Try it; you can’t know whether you like it unless you do.”

And I can remember sitting at the dining table for hours refusing to try something that smelled “icky” or looked odd.

I think I still have the stomach of a six-year-old because there are many more fruits that I like and eat than veggies.

How about you?

27 thoughts on “Fruits? Or Veggies?

  1. Oh come on Debbie! That’s like asking which child we’d choose. I suppose vegetables…but then there are these ripe peaches and sweet strawberries and how would I survive without apricots and apples???Oh my…

    • It’s a puzzlement, isn’t it, Barb?! Since I only have one Domer-child, I never got the “Mom always loved you best” taunts. And you know BOTH fruits and veggies are good for us; thankfully, we don’t have to choose!

  2. GREAT post, Debbie!

    I actually love BOTH, but since you asked that we choose one, I would say veggies because for most of the year I can find veggies in season. With fruit, it seems to be more challenging because during the winter months they don’t seem to taste as good as during the spring and summer months.

    Some of my favorite veggies are asparagus, beans, cucumbers, snow peas, and potatoes. Like you, I don’t care for Brussels sprouts, cauliflower or broccoli.

    Some of my favorite fruits are bananas, apples, grapes, strawberries and watermelon.

    Now after reading this post, I suddenly want to go to the Farmer’s Market and pick up some veggies and fruits. And I think I’ll do that this weekend 🙂

    Have a super Thursday, dear lady!

    • What is it about cruciferous veggies that we don’t like?? I love cabbage, but I’m not fond of Brussels sprouts. Maybe I haven’t had them cooked “right.” They probably are screaming for some kind of sauce!!

      I’m glad to hear I’ve helped the Farmer’s Market in your area! Nothing like fresh, home-grown fruits and veggies. Do they sell honey, too? I understand that’s exceptionally good for those of us with allergies.

      Happy rest-of-the-week, Ron!!

  3. But, I love them both! However, as delicious as a ripe peach is I’d rather have a homegrown tomato…since you’re making me choose, I say veggies.

    • Aw, now, Suzi, you’re trying to confuse me, aren’t you? Technically speaking, a tomato is a fruit, so perhaps that’s your answer?! Still, I agree that it’s not a choice we *have* to make — thank goodness!

    • Yup, cucumbers technically are a fruit. I guess it doesn’t matter that much, as long as you’re getting a LOT (guidelines recommend 2 or more cups of fruit a day and 2.5 cups of veggies).

    • Really? I’d definitely be willing to try one, too. I know they’re supposed to be quite good for you. Maybe if I drenched them in powdered sugar or chocolate??!

  4. Fruits for me, always. I adore carrots, sweet corn, broccoli, spinach salads, and don’t mind cauliflower or stir-fries. But strawberries, blackberries, peaches, figs, and citrus of all kinds really make me smile. I think it may be that I live now in an area where fresh fruit is available nearly all year around. I have my freezer filled with blackberries and blueberries that I picked with my own hand and flash froze. That makes a huge difference.

    Of course the tomato is a favorite too – and it’s cross-category!

    • Me, too, Linda. There’s something immensely satisfying about biting into a juicy, fresh peach or popping a handful of sweet grapes into my mouth! Yes, I enjoy veggies (not all varieties), but they feel more “healthy” than “enjoyable” to me as a rule, and that brings out my rebellious side, ha! I can only imagine how delicious your fruits are and what satisfaction you got from doing all the work to get and preserve them. Won’t they be tasty this winter?!

  5. I guess if I had to choose I would choose vegetables as I like savory more than sweet most days. But really—-it is a difficult decision. I overbought a lot of both this past week forgetting that I was going to be leaving this weekend and adjusting to having Chris gone so I gifted my surplus to one of my local friends yesterday and she received both a bounty of fruits and vegs. I think they all are so appealing at this time of year because they are so beautiful and tasty and I was pulled in and didn’t really think about how much I was realistically going to eat! Silly me. At least they found a home.

    • Ah, Beth Ann, your friend is lucky to know you — what a generous lady you are! It’s hard to judge just how much is “too much,” when you’ve become accustomed to preparing meals for a certain-sized family. I’ve had the same problem, now that Domer isn’t home on a regular basis. But hey, in your case, it’s a GOOD problem to have, right??!

  6. In the summer I like fruits more and in the winter veggies. I think. I’m wisheywashey.
    I like both when they raw more than cooked. We are eating a lot of peaches right now, bowls of watermelon, cherries, grapes. I don’t typically add sauce to anything unless butter counts as a sauce. 😀

    • I think I could dine like a queen at your table, Katybeth! I’m not opposed to frozen veggies, especially in the winter, but year-round, it’s fruits for me. Fresh is best, of course, but canned will do in a pinch. (I don’t count butter as a sauce, either). Perhaps we need to re-categorize and call ice cream a veggie??!

  7. Oh, this is easy – I much prefer fruits! I force myself to eat more veggies than fruits, though, mostly because of the sugars. (Oh, and I do have a favorite child… but he changes depending on the day. They each get their turns 🙂 )

    • I’m glad I don’t have to contend with the favorite child scenario, Janna (although sometimes I wonder if Domer doesn’t think the dog has a better gig than he does, now that he’s out of the nest, ha!)

  8. Painful topic for me because I would prefer fruits hands down…but…because of a medical condition I cannot tolerate any fruits. So veggies is my choice. My favorite was cantaloupe, cherries, strawberries and watermelon. I could have a tiny bit every once in a while but the problem is once I’ve tasted a few…I can’t stop with that so I just stay away. You know Deb….we could use one of your pictures of fruit! Fruits have so many beautiful colors.

    • Why didn’t I think of including a photo, Tanya — good suggestion! Sorry you can’t enjoy fruits any more — that must be hard. I so love them, and I’m sure I’d miss them terribly (as you must). Veggies are good and good for you, but they just don’t hold a candle to a juicy, sweet piece of fruit!

    • Good for you, Kim! Veggies are healthy foods, but I tend to prefer them raw. Something about cooking destroys their flavor. No way can I eat a cooked carrot, for example, but I LOVE raw ones! Like a bunny, heehee!

  9. I eat many more fruits than veggies. And I know I should try to balance things out a bit, considering the sugar in fruits. But most days I just feel proud of myself for eating blueberries in yogurt for breakfast instead of Crunch Berries! (Because I SO would still happily eat a bowl of Crunch Berries!)

    I’ve grown up to appreciate vegetables much more so than I used to. Although, I still don’t eat enough of the “good” (green) ones that are higher on the recommended list. I’ll keep working on it though.

    • Me, too, Terri. There are probably more veggies that I won’t eat than fruits — still — long after I’m supposed to have grown up and know better! Things like cauliflower, eggplant, broccoli, Lima beans (yuck!). Now maybe if they were drenched in ice cream. . .or chocolate!!

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