Feeling the Burn

Dallas here.

I know you’ve missed me and all, so I figured you needed to know what I’ve been up to.



I think my mama has gone nutty. Just because she does walkies on this thing called a treadmill doesn’t mean I should!

Don’t you agree?

She said I’m losing my svelte physique on account of the cold winter keeping me from my usual daily walkies. She said I’m eating too many cookies (and I’ve never met a pie I didn’t like!). She said I’m sleeping too much and getting (shhh!) FAT.

So she’s introduced me to the treadmill. She slips on my harness and leash, and turns the thing on.

And what can I do but walk?!

As you can see, I’m getting the hang of it, too.

Next, I’m going to ask for my own headphones and music — and a lean, mean Irish Setter barking out encouragement!

This whole crazy idea got started when mama saw some poor unfortunate little black dog on TV and it was doing therapy on a treadmill. Gee, therapy is one thing, right? Feeling the burn is something entirely different.

I don’t know, but Spring can’t come soon enough for me!

I ask you, Is this the face of a happy dog??

I ask you, Is this the face of a happy dog??

20 thoughts on “Feeling the Burn

    • Poor me, Miss Janna. She hasn’t missed putting me on that treadmill every single day, even though I run around the back yard and get plenty of exercise. And I’m NOT fat!!

  1. Yes, Dallas, you have been missed!!! Woof! Woof!

    “Next, I’m going to ask for my own headphones and music — and a lean, mean Irish Setter barking out encouragement!”

    HAHAHAAHAHAHA! You are tooooooo funny! Hey listen, has Mama ever showed you the closing credits to the cartoon, “The Jetsons?” Astro the dog also walked a treadmill. If you haven’t ever seen it, here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxcsWmoxlb0

    Thanks so much for the update, Dallas! And please tell Mama I said hello!


    • You know, Mr. Ron, that’s JUST what I’m afraid of — the treadmill exerting its own mind and running me ’round and ’round and me not able to get off! Thanks for the clip — I’ll have to show it to Mama. The way she worries, maybe she’ll decide it’s not a good idea for me to be up on that thing. And I repeat — I’m NOT fat!!

  2. Dear Dallas,

    I completely understand. I don’t like running nor walking on a treadmill. However, tis cold outside and you could slip and break a hip if you run in cold weather. The ice can be trouble for you and Ms. Debbie. Spring will be here soon, Buddy. Keep your energy up. You’ll be happy you did when swimsuit season gets here…

    I’m pulling for you…and you don’t look fat!

    • Here’s another reasonable hooman!! We don’t have any snow on the ground here — yet! — but breaking a hip is something we dogs definitely don’t want to do. They send old people to nursing homes for that, but I don’t think there’s such a thing as an “old dogs’ home.” And your eyesight is excellent, Miss Audrey — I am NOT fat!!

  3. Too funny. I would love to see Dallas on the treadmill. ha ha Does he have his own boots, so he can go outside on those bitter cold days? All the dogs Up North wear them.

    • Miss Pat, Mama seems to believe she “can teach an old dog new tricks.” Why, oh why, doesn’t she teach me to bark for cookies?!? As for boots, yes, she bought me some of those things several years ago, but I don’t like them. She straps them on me, and I just stand there looking miserable — until she takes them right off. And I’ll say it again — I am NOT fat!!

    • Oh, noooo! You’re agreeing with my mama? How could you, Miss Katybeth? I was hoping you’d tell her a million reasons why treadmills and dogs don’t mix, yet here you are, supporting her craziness. Oh, dear me. Well, at least you recognize that I’m NOT fat!!

  4. Looking good, Dallas! Your mama is just trying to keep you as healthy as possible, I’m sure, but I’ll be praying for warmer weather so you can get back to your real walkies! 🙂

    • Gee, thanks, Miss Terri. She doesn’t much care for cold outside walkies, so the treadmill works for her. Me? Well, let’s just say there are no doggie smells on that thing, and I can’t feel the wind on my furs. Nor do I read and walk at the same time! Hurry up, Spring!!

    • She’s lucky, Miss Dawn. My mama escorts me onto it, cranks it on, and I have to walk. No choice. She also keeps up a running commentary, encouraging me to hang in there. Then, when I’m done, I get a Pupperoni. So there’s that!

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