Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Dallas here.

Just wanted y’all to know Mama’s not the only snake-killer in this house. See for yourselves:

Got him, Mama!!

Got him, Mama!!

P.S. Mama wanted you all to know that snakes really can get in your car, like when it’s parked in the garage overnight. She confirmed it with her car dealership. Now who wants to see something like that pop out as one is zipping down the highway??!

23 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday

    • Dallas DID grab himself a big snake, didn’t he? What a wonder! Looks like he’s trying to gnaw its cheeks off, ha! I’ve never heard of anybody getting a live snake in their car, but the thought is horrifying. Mice? Yes, but not snakes. And even a mouse would be a nuisance to see if you were driving!

    • Lucy, I just get the shivers when I imagine heading down the highway and looking over to see a snake slithering along the floorboards! I guess they crawl up into cars searching for warmth. Ugh!!

  1. You GO, Dallas! Good boy for catching that snake!


    “Mama wanted you all to know that snakes really can get in your car, like when it’s parked in the garage overnight.”

    Please tell Mama, yes, I do know that because when I lived in Florida (where there are a lot of snakes) they would get into people’s cars. Thankfully though, it never happened to me.

    Great post, Dallas! Say Hi to Mama for me!


    • Ron, I just can’t abide snakes. And I guess I’d have to pull over if I saw one in my car while I was driving! Maybe I’ll start carrying a hoe or something with me, just in case.

      I’m glad you never got one in your car. Frankly, I’ve never known of anybody it’s happened to, but when one recently slithered into our garage, I started wondering. That’s what prompted me to call my car dealership to check. They also assured me that MICE can get into cars — yuck!

      And I know for certain that spiders can get in, and what a mess they can create, spinning webs all over the place!!

      Happy Wednesday, my friend!

    • Ain’t it the truth?? We think Life is complicated, but I guess things could be worse. I don’t know how you’d get a snake OUT of your car. Me? I’d probably “abandon ship” and let some braver soul wrestle the thing out!

    • Me, too, Pat. I’ve killed several garter snakes this season (I know, they’re “friendly” snakes, but NOT in my back yard!). The thought of one getting into my car unnerves me to no end!

  2. I must say you’re looking particularly splendid today, Dallas! Has your Mama just finished brushing you? We don’t get the chance to catch snakes over here, but we bet we’d be brilliant at it because cats are brilliant at everything!

    Love, Tommy and Tuppence

    • You noticed Mama groomed me, huh? Wow, she must’ve done a good job — thanks! You don’t have snakes, or your mama doesn’t let you out to catch them? If you don’t have snakes, that’s where Mama wants to move! Kitties are good hunters, I know, so I can see how you two would love playing with a snaky! This is the underbelly of mine; the top side is a lovely shade of blue (or so Mama says!)

      • No snakes here! At least, I think we’re supposed to have little grass snakes in the wilds, but we’ve never seen one. Plenty of mice for us though! And we’re sure our servant likes them so we bring her one every now and again…

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