32 thoughts on “Rain and More Rain

  1. I don’t believe I’ve ever read a rain limerick, and now I have! Very nice. We could use some rain to wash away the Saharan dust that’s been hanging over us for some time now. Despite our flooding rains, things are drying out again in 90+ degrees, and a few showers would be welcome.

    Here’s what a Saharan sunset looks like in Texas!

    • We’d gladly share some of our “bounty” with y’all, Linda! You know, it’s kind of surprising some enterprising company hasn’t figured out a way to do just that, spread the rain around a bit!

      Thanks for the encouragement — and the photo. We’ve had something similar here that they’re blaming on wildfires from Canada. Who knew we were close enough for that?? Yet, on clear mornings and evenings (which are as rare as chicken’s teeth!!), we, too, have that yellowish cast to the sky. Positively eerie, isn’t it?!

  2. ” Irish girl ought to be able to write a Limerick (don’t you agree?!)”

    HAHAHAHA! And what an AWESOMELY clever Limerick it is, Debbie! Well done!

    We’re having the same weather here. For the past three days it’s done nothing but rain. However, today the sun is out and not a cloud in the sky. I have a friend visiting from Florida for the next couple of days so I hope the rain holds off while she’s here.

    Have a SUPER weekend, my friend!


    • Ron, you’re a dear for providing me with reassurance! I’m so glad we “met” through Suzicate many moons ago!

      You’ve got rain, too? You’ve got my sympathy. We’ve hardly had “summer” at all — our temps this week have been in the upper 60s (very chilly for July), and with all the rain, well, it’s just plain dreary. I feel sorry for those who bought season-long passes to pools and golf courses because they’re surely NOT getting their money’s worth! Here’s hoping your weather improves for your friend’s visit (though she’s probably used to an afternoon shower every day, huh??!)

      Happy weekend, dear!

    • Bless you, dear Professor, for supporting and encouraging this Irish girl! I don’t think I could write a word if I didn’t hope somebody somewhere would find it interesting, helpful, or entertaining!

      You have rain, too? Oh, rats, that’s just yucky. Somebody needs to figure out how to give our excess to those poor folks out West! Happy weekend to you, sir!

    • Bless you, my dear FF — yes, I do have more than a few drops of Irish blood, and I’m doggone proud of it!! ‘Tis sunshiny today while we wait on yet more storms — ah, will this system ever pass?! Hoping your weather is balmy and pleasant!

    • Are y’all experiencing a drought, Jann?? Odd that we never hear about stuff like that. I knew, of course, that Great Britain was in the middle of a heat wave, but I’m sorry you are, too. I’d think being surrounded by water might help, but maybe not. At any rate, I’d be oh-so-glad to ship you some of our excess!

    • Thanks, Tanya! Would you believe this is the first limerick I’ve ever written?? I don’t consider myself a poet, you know, but when something comes to me, why, I just go with it. I’m blessed to have friends stop by to read and support my efforts!

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