Mama the Warrior

Courage is fear that has said its prayers. ~American proverb

I Monkey here.

I’ll bet you all were wondering when I’d get around to stealing Mama’s blog again and telling you the interesting things I’ve been doing.

No, not Mama’s pretty poetry posts and artsy pictures of flowers and such.

The real interesting things.

Like what happened the other day.

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Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Dallas here.

Just wanted y’all to know Mama’s not the only snake-killer in this house. See for yourselves:

Got him, Mama!!

Got him, Mama!!

P.S. Mama wanted you all to know that snakes really can get in your car, like when it’s parked in the garage overnight. She confirmed it with her car dealership. Now who wants to see something like that pop out as one is zipping down the highway??!