Celebrating Red

There’s a reason Stop signs are Red, you know.

Red is attention-grabbing. Makes the heart beat faster. Red signifies passion, danger even. It stimulates the appetite (sexual and physical), and motivates us to take action. On the negative side, Red is associated with aggression, anger, stubbornness, violence.

Red comes in two varieties, tomato (orange-based) and berry (blue-based). Studies indicate men prefer the tomato shades, while women prefer the berry (perhaps because those are easier to wear??)

If Red is your favorite color, you’re not alone. It’s one of the top two color choices among all peoples. Did you know there’s a Red personality, too?

Red — and the colors it’s similar to, including pink, maroon, scarlet, crimson, and burgundy — is prolific in the flowers abounding at this time of year. Please enjoy:

Crimson Snapdragons

Crimson Snapdragons

Tomato-hued Hibiscus

Tomato-hued Hibiscus

Berry-shaded Periwinkle

Berry-shaded Periwinkle

Pink and white Geranium

Pink and white Geranium

Fuchsia-colored Dianthus

Fuchsia-colored Dianthus

Red roses along ornamental fence

Red roses along ornamental fence

Mandevilla vine

Mandevilla vine

Pink Hydrangea

Pink Hydrangea

How cool is this Begonia? Even its leaves are reddish!

How cool is this Begonia? Even its leaves are reddish!

(In case Red isn’t your favorite color, here’s how to discover your own color personality)

23 thoughts on “Celebrating Red

    • Gee, I don’t see you as bipolar at all, Audrey! I suspect many of us love two or more colors and relate to aspects of both. I enjoy reds, but only when they’re in the blue spectrum — tomato red washes me out!

    • Thanks, Suzi. I’d forgotten your lovely post about the red lipstick — what a treat to re-read it! I still can’t wear red lipstick — perhaps a woman has to be naturally bold, or prepared to make an entrance. I know there’s supposedly a red lippie for everyone, but I look better in pinks, mauves, and plums. Isn’t it a good thing flowers shower us with their red beauty?!

  1. And red is the traditional colour of the wedding dress in China, I believe, which I think is so much more exciting and appropriate somehow than white. Lovely pics!

    • I read that, FF, about traditional wedding dresses being red in China. How FUN that must be, walking down the aisle in such an attention-grabbing color! And I’ve always heard that everybody needs a pair of red shoes. Someone told me once that red shoes will change your life — whether for the better is up for debate, ha!

  2. Debbie, I think you already know just how much I love topics such as this, so I really enjoyed this post. So interesting!

    I like the color red (a blue red), but not in the decor of my apartment because I find red too stimulating to be around constantly. However, I love accents of red in clothing and also seeing a woman wearing a red lipstick. I think it’s so classic! And when it comes to red in nature (such as flowers) I think it’s beautiful.

    My favorite color is green, but I also like pink.

    FAB post, my friend! Have a super-duper week!

    X to you and Dallas

    • We’re more alike than I’d have thought, my friend! I, too, love green (though blue is a close runner-up!)

      “Red is too stimulating to be around constantly.” YES!! So true! When I find myself having to make a presentation or do something equally “distasteful,” though, I nearly always wear red for the confidence it imparts!

      Glad to see you around these parts, dear — have a FABULOUS week!!

  3. How awesomely cool. Yes, I’m definitely a “red is my favorite color” person. Now it’s interesting about the tomato red and berry red. The redder the red, the better the red. That’s what I think.

    • Look at you, being all poetic and stuff! *fist bump* Well said, Professor. I knew you loved red, of course — my college colors are red and blue, so I love that color combination! Thanks, as always, for dropping by and leaving your thoughts!

  4. You forgot red as a sign of heat, whether a summer sunset or chili peppers! I confess to not being particularly fond of red, at least in its very pure colors. My lipsticks tend toward the coppery, and I have very few pieces of red clothing. I have one pair of summer shorts in red, and three or four winter blouses. That’s it.

    What do I like? Yellow, green, and white. Sandstone and turquoise. Coral. Maybe living in the heat does affect our choices. I can’t remember seeing anyone wear much red around here, except at Christmas and on the 4th of July. Interesting.

    • Red, as you can imagine, is pretty big here. Especially in the summer, with Fourth of July, fairs, festivals, parades, and such. I prefer cooler colors like blues, greens, turquoise, purple. It really is interesting to see the differences in people and which colors they gravitate to!

      Being an Ole Miss alum, I have several red t-shirts and polos. Of course, only the blueish-red shades are ones I can wear. With my coloring, red can be overwhelming!

      Thanks for pointing out that red is sign of heat. I’ve often seen faucets marked with red or blue so hotel guests can readily tell which is hot and which is cold. Hmm, one would think they’d use yellow instead of red, wouldn’t one??!

  5. I totally enjoyed reading your thoughts about Red. Great! As having Grapheme Synesthesia I live with red every day, with every words and every numbers. Thanks for sharing.

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    • That surprises me a bit. Since you’re wearing bright yellow in your photo here, I’d have thought yellow was your favorite color! I like red and purple, though blue and green are more calming to me. Wouldn’t it be awful not to see color??

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