Signs of Fall

Summer ends, and Autumn comes, and he who would have it otherwise would have high tide always and a full moon every night; and thus he would never know the rhythms that are at the heart of life. ~Hal Borland

Is it Fall yet?

How can you tell?

Oh, sure, the days are shorter, the crickets chirp a steady symphony all night long, the kids are back in school, football season is upon us, flannel shirts are showing up on store shelves.

But is that enough? Don’t you want more proof?

I gravitate to nature for signs of the changing seasons. Like when chrysanthemums spring up everywhere:

I wanted cheery yellow, but it looks like I’ve got orange. Oh, well!

Or when summer-blooming flowers fade:

My poor pink hydrangea!

My poor pink hydrangea!

Or my brown-eyed Susans:


And the critters in our world can’t help but get into the act. Take this wormy thing, for instance:

What, it's still here?? I thought I said you can take it!

What, it’s still here?? I thought I said you can take it!

Maybe you’d prefer a nice spiderweb:


Or this lovely moth (or butterfly):


And everybody knows the leaves change color in the Fall, right?

Weeping Cherry

Weeping Cherry

How about this one?



What are the signs you look for to indicate Fall is here??

27 thoughts on “Signs of Fall

  1. So nice to see all the signs of fall in the Midwest. We have to do the shorter day thing since everything else seems to stay where it is for a while. Oh, the Basil is starting to go south. Fun post and yes the worm is still there. I’m not touching it.

    • Thanks, Suzi. I’m ready for Fall, too. There’s something exhilarating about shuffling through fallen leaves, wearing blue jeans and jackets again, and knowing these crops will soon be gathered and gone!!

    • Why are you hating on yellow, Professor?? Around these parts, everybody loves orange (it’s one of the University of Illinois’s school colors). I’m more partial to red and blue myself!
      You’re the worm? I kind of felt sorry for it because it seemed to be missing its furry coat. Did you get sheared or something??

  2. My favorite time of year up next. I went to the Farmers Market over the weekend and dove face first into the flowers—deep reds (cockscomb) and gold (sunflowers) just to name a few… I bought very few veggies—my budget was spent! My campers keep plucking the heads of the few Brown Eyed Susan’s I have (very little sun in my yard) most of my flowers are bought and placed all over the house. Very pretty selection you’ve shared. Yep, fall is coming!

    • Wonderful day you had at the Farmers Market! Those things bring out the most interesting people, don’t they? I can appreciate the “trouble” you’re having, keeping flowers in a yard full of campers. Dallas never bothers the trees or flowers. Unless, of course, a squirrel decides to “hide” in the lower branches, then all bets are off!

  3. Oh I’m noticing the same things here – little whispers of fall. And I’m loving it too. Enjoyed seeing your autumnal harbingers, Debbie. I’ve been reading you – but haven’t been able to comment for a while because of WP issues. Also I’ve started blogging at a new place – love to have you stop in! -

    • Barb, how I’ve missed you!! Yes, definitely I’ll hop over to your new digs and catch up on your activities.

      I do love Fall. Nature seems to be taking a break of sorts, chilling out before the onslaught of winter. No wooly-worms yet (because the crops aren’t ready to be harvested); then, we’ll KNOW Fall is here.

      Thanks so much for stopping in — check you out on the flip side!

  4. There are so many signs. The sun is setting farther to the south; I can’t see it go down from my desk any more. And the moon slowly is working its way north. In a couple of months, it will shine in my bedroom window until spring.

    The migrations are starting, too. The mallards are coming in, and the teal. I’ve seen an early osprey, and last week I heard one’s first call. When the first coot arrives, then we’ll know that the season has well and truly changed, but that won’t happen for a month or two. And by that time, we’ll have a real front, and the trees will be changing. I’m ready!

    • Linda, I love how you’ve painted a picture of Fall along the water! The change in bird sounds and presence would fascinate me. Here, much depends on crops and such. Even the corn plants are starting to turn yellow and brown; when there’s no more sign of green on them, they’ll be harvested — and our intersections will once again be clear of obstacles!

      I’ve noticed the moving of the sun, too. I used to see it rise over a certain house in our neighborhood; it’s much farther south now (and later to come up!). Soon, I won’t be able to enjoy an after-dinner walkie with Dallas, either. But he’s going to love cooler weather!!

    • Wonder what Terry would think of a worm coming to live with you, Lucy! Bet he wouldn’t appreciate it much. I much prefer the fuzzy caterpillars that appear when the crops are finally gathered. We used to let them inch up our arms when we were kids!

  5. Ah, fall. I remember it well. The best autumns I ever experienced was as a college student living in Boston. I loved walking across our campus and seeing the brilliant hues of red, brown and gold leaves and the crisp fall air. Here in San Diego, September is one of the hottest months of the year. Summer is far from over in these parts!

    • Bless you heart, Monica, I do empathize. When I lived in Texas, even Octobers were HOT!! I much prefer four defined seasons (though I could probably stand with a tiny bit less winter!!)

  6. The pumpkin spice coffee creamer showed up in the dairy section at the grocery store. That’s how I know fall is on the way. But it’s still a ways away from us. We have 90 degree forecasts for the next few days!

    • We do, too, Terri — all week, in fact! It’s hard to think about jeans and flannel shirts when it’s so beastly HOT outside (and I’m feeling a bit sorry for the football players and band members, having to exercise in this humidity!)

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