Daring to reach toward the sky
And taking turns in an exquisite dance.
No longer should worries or fears
Crush the truly determined
In the pursuit of their goals.
Nod your head in agreement and become
Grounded in a similar resolve.

Failure, you know, isn’t an option;
Obstacles are meant to be overcome.
Until you believe in you and what you can do,
Nobody else will stand up and applaud.
Think you can and you’re halfway there;
Aim for the target with steadfast grit.
Inch by inch move toward your goal.
Never give up, never hesitate, never quit!


Note: This is an Acrostic poem. The first letter in each line spells out a phrase vertically.

22 thoughts on “Determination

    • Why, thank you, Linda. I took the photo over the summer in Indianapolis, but at the time, I didn’t know if or how I’d use it. Things have happened over the past few days — actually, it was a couple of blog posts purporting to help writers — that could drag me down if I were of a mind to let them! This is my attempt to bolster my resolve to keep pursuing the craft.

      • That’s why I rarely — very rarely — read any of those how-to-write columns or blog. I don’t follow the “famous” bloggers, or read the popular how to write books. Never have, as a matter of fact. There are advantages to being a cantankerous old lady who thinks she can figure things out for herself. 🙂

        • Bless you for saying this! You’re right — reading the “experts” does nothing but convince me I’d have been better off joining the circus (and I HATE clowns, ha!) Writing is hard enough without following a How-To list — that worked for somebody else but might never work again. I’m going to delete these menaces from my Bookmarks and trust my instincts like you do — hey, if I fail, at least I gave it 100 percent, huh?!

    • Such kind words, Professor — thank you! A fountain *should* flow, don’t you think? These were rather mesmerizing, and I was tempted to slip off my sneakers and soak my toes in the cool water. It was relaxing, listening to the splashing!

        • A swim, Professor? Not me. I much prefer being on solid ground. Besides, this was in the courtyard of a professional building. No way I wanted some security guard to run me off for playing in the fountain … and distracting everyone who was working! But you know, the water DID look refreshing! Would you have jumped in??

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