20 thoughts on “Grrr and Woof!

    • I believe you’re right, Linda. Cats, for sure, know how to catch a nap in the sun — regardless of the surroundings. And knowing poor Dallas was watching from the window didn’t seem to faze Kitteh one bit!

  1. Is that a neighbor’s cat? I don’t blame Dallas one bit for not being happy about this development. My dogs would go crazy seeing a cat in our patio. Though once, long ago an opussum tried to. But that was before Henry or Oliver were around.

    • Yep, it’s the neighbor’s cat (one of several, actually). Dallas can’t stand the thing, and invariably, it sets up home right where my poor Sheltie can’t reach it! Perhaps Henry and Oliver need a trip east so they can help run Kitteh off??!!

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