Best. Birthday. Ever.

Don’t you hate it when one of your blogging friends drops off the face of the earth for a while without any explanation whatsoever??

I’ve been AWOL for about five days now, but I have an excuse a reason.

It was my birthday, and my son Domer had BIG PLANS for the two of us!

They started like this:

Two tickets to the home opening football game between Notre Dame and Texas on Sept. 5! (Bought with his own money, I might add — cool, having a son who’s gainfully employed!)

The Notre Dame campus is spectacular at any season, but especially during home football games. This is one of the Quads:


After a harrowing drive to campus in a torrential thunderstorm, the sun finally broke through, illuminating the Golden Dome on the Main Building:


This was a night game, and we knew we wouldn’t get back until very late (making rising early for Mass a hardship). Never fear, Notre Dame had that covered. What’s more Catholic than attending Mass at the Basilica right on campus before kickoff?


Domer is an alum of the trumpet section of the Band, so naturally we had to see Trumpets in the Dome. Both of us were blown away by their awesome sound, this early in the season, too:


Soon, it was time for the Band of the Fighting Irish to march out to the stadium, led by the iconic Irish Guard:


General admission tickets at Notre Dame are awarded based on random selection. While we had some Irish fans seated near us, the majority of our section was comprised of Texas supporters. No matter. Everyone was congenial. No fights, just lots of good natured taunting and bragging:


Then the Notre Dame Band took the field at halftime:


And when all was said and done, the Irish came out on top (substantially, I might add!):

Nd 38- Texas 3

ND 38- Texas 3

No birthday is complete without a cake, and I got TWO!! One from Domer, picked out with my favorite colors of blue and green:


And the other when I got home, thanks to my dear Mom:


So, what did you do over Labor Day?!?

20 thoughts on “Best. Birthday. Ever.

    • Knew you’d appreciate this one, Kb! Thanks for the good wishes. If you knew how CHEAP Domer tends to be, you’d realize he really brought it with this B-day. I can’t brag him up enough!

  1. Wow. What a birthday. I watched the game but didn’t see you in the stands. Your photos brought back the memories. You can never see the dome without feeling a certain nostalgia for the life there. During the game, they had a tribute to Father Ted. Couldn’t help feeling sad he is gone. How did Domer feel seeing the band and trumpeters? I’ll bet he wanted to be on the field. Thanks for the trip.

    • We were the ones yelling and standing most of the game, John. You saw us, right?!! Well, with 80,000-plus watching from the stands, it’s no wonder, right? We heard the tribute to Father Ted, and I agree it was very moving. Feels odd not seeing him around campus these days, but I imagine he pulled a few strings and was watching from a better seat! Domer, of course, misses his college days — Band was his life, and seeing his alumni friends as well as his friends still in the Band was a treat. Glad you enjoyed the trip vicariously.

  2. Well first of all – happiest of birthday wishes to you! And secondly, it says a lot about your parenting to have raised such a kind, thoughtful son. He obviously loves and appreciates you very much!

    • Thanks, Barb. It was a splendid birthday, and I have to admit, I celebrated the entire weekend! What a nice compliment — we moms do the best we can to guide our kids into being thoughtful and kind. I’m blessed the training “took”! Domer has always been big-hearted, but he’s never been much on keeping Hallmark in business. That’s why his generosity this year really made an impression on me and I had to share it!

    • Suzi, I’m going to look like a cake when these two are finished, ha! Fortunately, I don’t have to eat both of them all by myself — nobody needs that much sugar!!

    • Ah, Kim, what a sweet thing to say! And if I could share these two cakes with all my blogging friends, I’d love it (and I wouldn’t have to worry about putting on some unnecessary weight, ha!) Love to you bunches!

  3. A very happy belated birthday to you! It looks like you had a super time and I am so pleased that your lovely son took the time to spoil you – well deserved! Two cakes… that really is a birthday 😉

    • Thanks bunches, Lucy! Oh, yes, Domer spoiled me rotten, and I loved it! After all, we moms spend years spoiling our kids, and it’s cool when they return the favor. Especially cool when the “kid” is as frugal as Domer normally is, too!!

    • Thanks, Professor. You ought to see campus in the Fall — it’s gorgeous! And I’m told the depths of winter are lovely — peaceful and quiet. By the way, the Irish will be in your neck of the woods Nov. 7 for a game vs. Pittsburgh (you should sneak by the stadium and hear the Band — no guitars, but lots of cool sounds!). Yes, can you believe I got TWO cakes?? So awesome — Domer definitely is the man!!

  4. This is just wonderful. Happy birthday to you, and blessings to Domer for his love and attentiveness. Two cakes? You really rate, lady!

    I enjoyed the photos, too. I really don’t know a thing about Notre Dame, apart from the fact that it’s — well, Notre Dame. A heritage like that school’s is something to be proud of, and I didn’t realize Domer had been in the band, too. As for the final score: I didnt’ even know you were playing Texas. I have a vague sense that UT isn’t the force it used to be, but I’ll not be getting upset about it. 🙂

    • Thanks, Linda. Yes, Domer was amazingly forward-thinking with this whole thing. When he mentioned the tickets, I just assumed I’d reimburse him, but he wouldn’t have any of that. Nor would he let me give him any money when we parted and each returned home. Golly, I’m blown away at this maturity, all of a sudden!

      It’s been almost 10 years since ND played Texas, and ND has come out on top for most of those match-ups. Before kickoff, I told Domer he really couldn’t lose this one (he’s an Irish fan through and through, but he was born in Texas!). And it was well worth the price of admission to watch Domer and his buddies catching up on old times!!

  5. I’m seriously late on this, but happy birthday! Maybe we can just say I’m super early for next year 🙂 It sounds like you had a great birthday and Domer and your mom took care of you nicely.

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