Happy Fall, Y’all!

It’s supposed to be cool in Central Illinois this weekend (50s day, low 30s night), so I wanted to show you how pretty Fall can be before the leaves drop:

Yellows and oranges

Yellows and oranges

Almost like looking at the sun!

Almost like looking at the sun!

Brilliant reds

Brilliant reds

Look, this tree has already lost its leaves

Look, this tree has already lost its leaves

Squirrel's eye view

Squirrel’s eye view

Somebody's going to have fun raking all these leaves

Somebody’s going to have fun raking all these!


How did this maple turn yellow in only one spot?


Which is prettier — yellows?


Or reds?


Or just one branch turning purple?


A splash of color


Leaves on the ground — see how dry it’s been?


Oranges and yellows


More yellow


Lovely against a blue sky!

25 thoughts on “Happy Fall, Y’all!

    • I think it’s my favorite, too, Lucy. Something about the chill in the air, the upcoming holidays, and foods that aren’t available during the rest of the year (like pumpkins and cranberry sauce!!)

  1. I can feel you savoring autumn there Debbie! I love that season but here in Sicily we pretty much still have hot summer. In fact, we’re off to the beach now–water’s still warm.

    • The beach sounds lovely, Jann! Here in land-locked Central Illinois, the beach is a real treat indeed. Enjoy those warm waters and think about us donning sweaters already!!

    • You’re a few weeks ahead of us, dear Kim. Don’t worry, our trees, too, soon will be stripped bare in preparation for winter’s cold. Even that is a lovely, quiet time of year, though. Stay warm on these chilly nights! xoxo

  2. Lovely pictures! It’s suddenly turned very cold here, so I’m wondering if we’re skipping autumn this year (having pretty much skipped summer too!) and heading straight for winter. Digging out the snow grips… brrr!

    • Oh, dear, I do hope not — Autumn is such a delightful season, and I’d miss it terribly if I didn’t get to experience it. When I lived down south, we had two seasons — warm and hot, ha! — so I know what I’m saying. Here’s hoping you’ll have an excuse (if one ever needs such!) for making a pot of hot chocolate soon!

  3. The best part of raking leaves into piles always was jumping into those piles — and then raking them up again. And then jumping again. It could go one for a whole afternoon!

    The colors are so pretty — we’re still green when it comes to trees. Ah, well. We don’t have anything like your color, anyway, so I’ll just enjoy your photos!

    • Sorry if I touched a nostalgic place, Pat! Some Falls, as you remember, aren’t so spectacular; this one has been a beauty! Color color everywhere you look — makes me want to spend a LOT of time outdoors!!

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