Baby Toad


There once was a wee little toad
Who hopped on a leaf as it blowed.
The leaf, it did swing;
The toad, it did cling;
‘Til the leaf unloaded its load!


P. S. Another Limerick. I thought this little guy was a leaf…until I poked at him, and he hopped!

24 thoughts on “Baby Toad

  1. OMG Debbie, both your photograph AND limerick are so dang clever and cute!

    Honestly, my friend…you are so talented with words!!!!

    Hope you’re weekend was wonderful. Have a super week!


  2. Cute poem! It is startling when things move when we don’t expect them. A couple years ago, I found a larger toad in some dead leaves on the ground. It was dark and he scared the wits out of me. He was large, but sounded even bigger 🙂

    • We had a fairly large one a few years back. I don’t remember his making any noise, but he scared me all the same (something about the way they look, and the fact that we don’t normally see that many of them here!)

  3. Oh my gosh! He is willy willy wee, Debbie. Ain’t nature grand? Where did he hop off to? Do you have a pond or a marsh on your property? Are you sure he’s a boy?

    • Jann, I’m not sure of anything, ha! I guess he could’ve been a she. No water on our property at all — this is land-locked Central Illinois, you know! As for where he hopped, I think he managed to disappear onto another plant, but since that was the last I saw of him, who knows?! He was about the size of a nickel!

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