Cheery Cherry

The seasons are what a symphony ought to be: four perfect movements in harmony with each other. ~Arthur Rubinstein, Polish American classical pianist

Sometimes, we get lucky and find a tree that’s beautiful in all seasons. Such is the case with our Weeping Cherry.

Now, I realize cherry trees are especially showy in spring, when their draping branches overflow with white or pink blossoms. That’s also the time they attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

But I think this is a tree that exudes charm all year long.

Regardless of season.

Watering it and babying it right after it was planted paid off, don’t you agree?









23 thoughts on “Cheery Cherry

    • We had our first snow today, but the ground is still too warm for much to stick. It’s supposed to be in the 50s this coming week. The winter photo above was actually taken last year (you can see the tree has done a bit of growing since then!!)

    • We did! Though we didn’t get near as much as you did. In fact, it snowed most of the day, but because the ground is still fairly warm, it didn’t stay around long. Well, that’s okay because I’m hardly ready for true winter — though I imagine it puts most folks in the Christmas-shopping spirit!!

  1. It is gorgeous. I didn’t know such a tree existed. I just read about some “strange” cherry trees in D.C. that are blooming right now. As it turns out, it isn’t due to climate change. They’re a variety that blooms twice a year. I must say, cherry trees are far more interesting than I realized. The winter shape reminds me of wisteria that have been trained into a tree shape.

    • I imagine you’re too far north to grow one successfully, Terri. But isn’t it wonderful how we can enjoy scenery from all across the globe, thanks to this Internet-thing?!!

  2. “Watering it and babying it right after it was planted paid off, don’t you agree?”

    Yes, Debbie…it sure did! And I agree with you about the tree, it exudes charm all year long; regardless of the season. I even love the look of it during the colder and snowy winter months because there is a beauty in its barrenness.

    When I was a kid growing up in suburban PA, we had a weeping cherry tree on our front lawn that we could see from our living room windows.

    Great photographs, my friend. And great post!

    Have a terrific week!

    • Thanks, Ron. I’ll bet that weeping cherry of yours gave everybody in the neighborhood lots of pleasure because they’re just so doggone spectacular! Ours is amazing. It’s a relatively new addition (a replacement to an evergreen that succumbed to some sort of pest). I had my doubts at first, but this little beauty has completely charmed me!

      Right back at you — Have a super week!!!

    • You know, FF, I rather like the autumn look, too — though it doesn’t last near long enough and this is the first year it’s looked that golden. Hmmm…I never thought of giving it some chocolate to ease the weeping — bet that would cheer it right up!

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