23 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I have three Beanie Babies myself: a squirrel, a raccoon, and a mallard. They’re tokens of friends I’ve had in real life. Just try to take one away from me! I’m sure Dallas is just as fond of that lineup.

    • Linda, I can’t tell you how many Beanie Babies I bought when that craze came around! The sad thing is, now I feel like one of those goofy people on “Hoarders,” who save thousands and thousands of salt shakers or some such!

    • Miss Katybeth, I’m counting on Santa Paws to bring me a goose (perhaps I can nudge Mama, who in turn can nudge The Kid to go to PetSmart and procure one?!) Of course, I’d prefer one that can go in the oven like the Thanksgiving bird, but I’ll take a stuffed one, too. Keep your paws crossed for me!

  2. OMG Debbie, this is the cutest picture! Dallas looks so proud and happy (he’s smiling) to show us his play toys. I love the duck in center.

    This post totally put a smile on my face!

    Have a fab Wednesday, my friend!
    X to you and Dallas

    • We’re just TICKLED that you’re smiling, Ron! Yes, I thought this pose looked a bit on the smug side. It was a challenge pulling just three toys out, too, as this spoiled pup has a huge pile of toys in all shapes and sizes and colors!

      “Floppy Moppy” is the name of the duck in the center. It wasn’t very expensive, but it has a nice squeaker. And Dallas hasn’t chewed its legs off…yet!!

      Happy rest-of-the-week to you! xoxo

  3. Hi Dallas!

    We rather like the ducks, but think sheep-chasing would really damage our dignity. It’s a pity you don’t have mice to chase! You should get your Mama to buy some live ones and release them all through the house – that would be fun! And Mama would love it. We know our servant always enjoys it when we bring her one in – she screams with delight!

    Best wishes
    Tommy and Tuppence

    • Real mice?? Oh, golly, you two are quite cheeky, aren’t you? Does your mama also climb onto chairs when she sees those mice scooting across the floor?

      Shelties are natural herders. We love to round things up and box them in a corner. I don’t know why, but humans are HARD to do that with! One is in one room; another, in another room…it wears me out having to chase between them and never succeed in getting them into the same room!

      Always good hearing from you both — and Mama said to tell you she likes your Christmas portrait on your mama’s blog!! Love, Dallas

    • I absolutely would like a goose, Miss Dawn (and I overheard Mama tell The Kid to get me one last night, so I’m keeping my paws crossed!) Kinda hard to herd toys with crossed paws, but I’m trying!! Give Katie a lickie for me!

    • HaHa, caught me, didn’t you?!! No way would he do that on his own — he needed a LOT of bribing with cookies, and even then, it took both me and Domer to coax him to sit still!!

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