Snow Bunny


North wind blows my face.
Wet snow stings and cuts my fur.
I’m ready for Spring.

Note: This is a Haiku (my first, actually!). And since I’m not a poet, I’m open to any constructive criticism you experts might offer.

33 thoughts on “Snow Bunny

      • I speak only the truth, of course! Believe me when I say my poetry is pretty bad. If I am feeling brave one day I shall work some into the blog and you can all have a good giggle about it!

        • I won’t giggle…promise! Unless, of course, you write something that’s meant to be funny. What I know of poetry wouldn’t fill a thimble!

    • Aw, shucks, DD…thanks! That’s a very high compliment coming from you, and I do appreciate it! Yes, Dallas was standing beside me when I took this photo, and it was all I could do to keep him from barking and scaring Bunny away.

  1. This is an “as I understand it” comment. With a haiku, action and descriptive words take precedence over conjunctions, prepositions, and such. So, instead of “Wet snow stings and cuts my fur,” you might consider “Wet snow stings, cutting my fur.”

    Beyond that, it’s a really sweet take on a cold little bunny. Did you bring him in for a warm carrot and some playtime with Dallas?

    • I truly appreciate your helpful suggestion, Linda. You know, I must have been day-dreaming when the poetry portions of literature classes were being discussed, ha! I’d have never thought of omitting the conjunction and using a gerund, but it works.

      I felt sorry for the poor bunny. He looked like he needed food and a warm place to hole up. Dallas was watching him like a hawk, but no way would I bring him inside! If I had, the poor dear would have found that being cold was the least of his worries.

  2. Precious little fellow and you make me feel his plight 😉 I supply my backyard bunnies with apples throughout the winter to help them through. gives me a chance to watch them and Smile 😉

  3. Poor little rabbit! You should knit him a little coat and boots! All I know about haikus is that they’re supposed to have seventeen syllables – spot on! 😉 But much more importantly it’s a sweet little poem that sets the pic off beautifully…

    • Thanks, FF — glad I nailed the 17-syllable requirement! I know — isn’t this the sweetest little bunny? Dallas was beside himself, barking through the window, but Bunny ignored him. I imagine he’d look really cute in a little woolen coat and boots! He was actually looking at another bunny farther out in the yard, but I couldn’t get them together in the picture.

    • Since you write haiku, you know how hard that form of poetry is, Suzi. For you to say I did okay means a lot to me! Thanks — and Spring can’t come soon enough for me!

  4. Debbie, what a fabulous photo capture of the bunny. OMG…he/she is so CUTE! And you haiku is stellar! I have such an affection for rabbits. To me they are so adorable and cuddly. When I was a kid, I had several bunnies.

    Have a super week, my friend! And thanks for the cuteness today 🙂

    • You had bunnies, Ron?? I’m just pea-green over that! I’ve long wanted a bunny for a pet, but of course, having a dog — even a gentle one like Dallas — sort of precludes that. Dallas would drive the little guy NUTS!

      Thanks for enjoying my maiden efforts at haiku. It’s harder than it looks, ha! Have a fabulous week, my friend! xo

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