Like Rabbits

There is much in the world to make us afraid.  There is much more in our faith to make us unafraid.  ~Frederick W. Cropp, Presbyterian pastor, United States


On edge.
Waiting for
The other shoe to drop.
We tiptoe through Life
Like rabbits.
Of what hides in the dark
Or what’s right before us.
Saturated with bad news —
Stormy weather,
Senseless shootings,
Poverty, and disease.
Who put us in charge?
Much remains outside
Our control.
We do the best we can
With what we can
For as long as we can
And leave the rest
To a Higher Power.
Trembling but trusting
Like the rabbits do.

25 thoughts on “Like Rabbits

  1. ***Saturated with bad news —
    Stormy weather,
    Senseless shootings,
    Poverty, and disease.
    Who put us in charge?*** ( yes, who left us in charge?)


    Thank God I BELIEVE in something more! xx

    • You’d be surprised how often rabbits hunker down in the back yard and freeze, while poor Dallas goes out to do his business. So often, he doesn’t seem to pay them much mind. Maybe they’re not as interesting as squirrels??

    • I imagine we’d look scared, too, FF, if we didn’t have any more defenses than bunnies do! About all they can manage is hopping and running (though I must say, they do that VERY well!!)

  2. Debbie, I absolutely LOVE this post! Insightful and inspiring!

    “Much remains outside
    Our control.”

    I think I like that line the most because you nailed fear perfectly – when it comes to our fear(s), much remains outside of our control. And it rang especially true for me, having gone through my health scare last October.

    “And leave the rest
    To a Higher Power.”

    Yes, that’s what I learned.

    Thanks so much for sharing this today, my friend. Hope your weekend was great. Have a super week!


    • Ron, I’m blushing at your compliments — thank you!

      It’s funny about fear, really. It has a way of taking hold and feeding on itself — much the way a fire does — and eventually, it “blazes” way out of control. I imagine the best way to handle it is to refuse to give it a foothold in the first place. Now those unexplained Thumps! in the middle of the night are something else entirely, ha!

      Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and a fantastic week awaits you! xo

  3. One of the strangest aspects of my weekend trip is that I didn’t know a thing about what happened in Orlando until well after the event. With no internet, no tv, no radio, and not even a glance at a newspaper, my friend and I spent all our time outdoors, with the flowers, the butterflies and birds. There even was one rabbit.

    What occurs to me is how unafraid and curious our rabbit was. Perhaps fear is a learned response, as well as a natural one. There’s no question that many in the media and the political world spend the bulk of their time trying to make us afraid. I’m not buying.

    • Good for you, Linda! Glad you had such a lovely time away — I think I could use of that, too — and not having to tune in to the media for a few days sounds wonderful (imagine, that coming from a former journalist, ha!)

  4. Everything beautiful and gratifying, I heard recently, is on the other side of fear. I agree. Like love and courage and faith and tranquility.

    • I love that description, Barb! It has the ring of truth, too. We need courage to break through the fears (and a healthy dose of faith and love wouldn’t hurt!)

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