Election Day 2016

Democracy is being allowed to vote for the candidate you dislike least.  ~Robert Byrne, American author

It’s all anybody has talked about for months on end —
This Presidential Election Day madness.
Candidates have been out in full force
Flying to and fro across this great land,
Seeking to persuade the electorate
They know best what needs to be done
To solve problems in the economy, healthcare,
And other areas often seen as perplexing.

At last We the People have our say.

Most of us are tired of the rhetoric.
The innuendos, the promises, the ugliness of it all.
And while these “public servants” purport to work for us,
We’re wise enough to see they really don’t.
They vote themselves raises, they take advantage of laws
That put them above the common man.
If they really worked for us, we could fire them
At any time … and sometimes, we should.

At last We the People have our say.

We’ve suffered through this every-four-years ritual.
We’ve listened to debates, read newspaper analyses,
Heard television ads, grown accustomed to personalities.
Some of us have prayed for wisdom in choosing,
Others have sought discernment from those they respect.
The time for deciding is finally upon us.
What’s important now is going to the polls,
Making your voice count, exercising your voting right.

At last We the People have our say.

Elections are somewhat similar to athletic competitions.
We put on our Game Day faces, taunt our adversaries,
Brag about how hard we’re going to beat them.
But when push turns into shove, and the game’s at its end,
Opposing coaches and teams clasp hands and say “Good game.”
And just as they return to work, our opposing political parties
Make nice with one another, smile, offer congratulations,
And tuck all the nastiness away for another four years.

At last We the People have our say.

26 thoughts on “Election Day 2016

  1. One thing seems to unite us: a desire for this to be over with, already. I’m all for going back to shorter campaigns and no early voting — only absentee for the elderly, military, overseas workers, and so on. I think it would help a good bit, and would make it all more bearable while we search around for candidates people can vote for, rather than against. 🙂

    • I’m so with you, Barb. There’s a huge part of me, however, that worries whether this nastiness will ever be over. I worry we’ve boxed ourselves into corners, dug our feet in, and angrily proclaim that nothing and nobody will convince us we might be wrong. We need mediation!

  2. OUTSTANDING words, Debbie, and perfect for this very day!

    “What’s important now is going to the polls,
    Making your voice count, exercising your voting right.

    At last We the People have our say.”

    Amen….and you are exactly correct! In fact, I just this minute walked into my apartment from voting. I have off today, so I decided to go just before lunchtime to avoid the crowds. I am so glad I did that because I got in and out in less than five minutes. Yahooooooo!

    Yup…I voted!

    Have a super day, my friend!

    • Thanks, Ron. I made my mind up early and voted right after your birthday, almost as soon as Illinois opened voting. It’s been nice sitting on the sidelines and watching the show … well, kind of. At least I wasn’t afraid of jumping the gun and deciding too early!

      Good for you, doing your patriotic thing! And happy day off — hope yours is nicer than the coolish rain we’ve got going on here. xx

    • Thanks, FF. We can only hope now that we can all come together and put it all behind us. Holding the nastiest election in any country is a dubious “honor,” right?!

    • Good for you, Kim! I pray that we’ll pull together in the aftermath and stop this nonsensical in-fighting. As somebody described it, it’s like we’re the children of two divorcing parents, and if asked who we want to go live with, we all say, “neither!”

  3. Cole and I were the first ones in line to vote yesterday at 5:45am. Very cool. Especially for my first time voter (for president) I always vote on election day. And now all I can say is…Well, Trump was not my choice, but I am willing to give him a chance and work for the best. I will say the last two weeks have me wishing for an island free of everything but blue water, white sand, and drinks with umbrellas in them…and maybe someone to run, fetch and fan me. 😀

    • That kind of island sounds fabulous! If I promise to run and fetch, would you agree to share it with me?? Congrats on your first-time presidential voter — really makes you realize they’re growing up when that happens, doesn’t it?!

    • It says something about us (what, I’m not sure) that these two were the best candidates we could come up with. And voting for the lesser of two evils is no way to exercise one’s rights. Bigger heads than mine will have to sort this whole thing out. I hope, in the meantime, we can all put the nastiness behind us and move forward together!

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