Taking a Fall Walk

Of all the seasons, autumn offers the most to man and requires the least of him. ~Hal Borland, American author and journalist

This past weekend was spectacular, just perfect for a long walk outdoors. Come with me, and I’ll show you some of the gorgeous Fall colors in Central Illinois!

We’ll start with a glorious maple in a red dress:


Look how the sun brings out these colors on another tree:


Maybe you like yellow better:





This purplish-colored Dogwood is nice:


One yard had a bit of everything — evergreen, splash of color, trees that hadn’t turned yet, and trees that had already lost all their leaves:


I think this one’s a Sweet Gum:


This beauty sits in the lawn of a local church:


With Fall, of course, come lots of leaves to rake:


I didn’t touch this one up, honest!!


Happy Fall to one and all!

24 thoughts on “Taking a Fall Walk

  1. These are so lovely. I’d hoped for some spectacular color on my trip, but had to be content with occasional color in the trees. It seems I was either too early or too late, but the good news is that here in Texas, some areas still are lagging — so, like you, I may have the pleasure of seeing nice fall color right here at home.

    • It’s really hard to time fall colors. There are general guidelines, but that can vary a lot depending on weather conditions. To me, this seems a bit later than usual. What’s especially unusual is this warmth. We’re hovering close to 70 degrees by day, compared to the more customary 50 or so. Reminds me of living in the South, where even December and January were so warm that it hardly felt like winter at all. Oh, well. I can only hope this doesn’t bode ill for our winter! Sorry you missed the colors on your vacation, but I’ll look forward to seeing what your home turf comes up with!

  2. Wow! GLORIOUS photographs, Debbie! As you know, Autumn is my very favorite season, so I relish in it. In fact, I had off today so I went walking through several parks in my neighborhood, enjoying the fiery-colored trees. It actually got me very emotional because there is something that touches my heart about Autumn. I think nature looks its most beautiful this time of the year.

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty in your area, my friend. It’s just lovely!

    Have a super weekend!

    • I hope you had as lovely a day as I had for taking these photos, Ron. You know I’m a BIG fan of fall, too. The temperatures seem to moderate, and we typically have fewer wicked storms to deal with.

      Our colors have been spectacular this year. I didn’t think they would be because of all the rain. You’re so right — nature does look its most beautiful at this time of year!! The scarlet, gold, tangerine, plum — all those shades make me sort of wish I could paint, ha!

      Enjoy the rest of this week, my friend! xo

  3. Lovely pics! We don’t get so many autumn colours unfortunately – well, not around my area anyway. But we do get plenty of leaves to sweep up! Thanks for sharing your walk. 🙂

    • You mean you get dropped leaves without all this gorgeous brilliance?!? Oh, my, I wonder what that must look like. Perhaps I need to see it for myself, though I’m not sure I could tear myself away from here and miss these colors, ha! Glad to have you accompany me on the walk, FF!

    • Thanks, Audrey. I think it has something to do with the trees themselves … and the weather. I’m actually seeing a lot more orange this year (but no clue why!)

  4. So beautiful! You are so fortunate to live in a place with seasons. We have a few trees (emphasis on few) in the area I live in that actually turn colors. So you really have to hunt to find autumn here. Great photos, Debbie!

    • Having four distinct seasons is one thing I missed about living along the Mississippi Coast. Sure, it’s great not having to shovel snow, but it’s not Christmas unless it’s white!

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