Got a Blanket??

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. ~Gerard de Nerval, pen name of French poet and author Gérard Labrunie

Little Snapdragon

Wild, free, and unprotected

Winter is coming.


Note: After highs reaching 60 degrees Sunday and Monday, temps here are expected to take a nosedive by the weekend … down to the 20s and low 30s. Brrr! Hope this little flower finds a way to survive an Illinois winter.

27 thoughts on “Got a Blanket??

  1. Well, there is this: here in my area, snapdragons are being planted now as winter flowers. They’ll thrive into the 40s and even mid-thirties, and they can take a little frost. Whether they can take an Illinois winter is something else — but with a mild winter, it just might do it!

    • My aunt on the Gulf Coast recently planted dozens of pansies for the wintertime; of course, their winter is way milder than what we typically get! And everybody says we’re due a really harsh one this year. Sigh.

  2. Debbie, hasn’t the weather been so bipolar? One day it’s warm and humid, the next it’s windy and cold. The poor flowers don’t know what to do. Last week while walking through a park I saw roses in full bloom, as if it were Spring.

    However, the past several days it’s been feeling more like Winter, which I really don’t mind because it feels more like Christmas. I know I’m weird, but I actually enjoy the cold of Winter. In fact, I can’t wait for our first snowfall!

    Have a super week, my friend! Lovely Haiku and photograph!

    • “Bipolar” is so right, Ron! We haven’t even had flurries yet, and here it is December. I guess that’s all supposed to change by the coming weekend. Pity those last-minute shoppers (but some of them probably feed off that kind of energy!)

      I know you’re a SNOW-lover, but I only love the first snow of the season — and ideally, I like it to fall on Christmas Eve. Not asking for much, am I?! After everybody has enjoyed its beauty, it all turns to muddy slush and can go away. Yes, I guess I lived in the South too long.

      Glad you stopped by and enjoyed this one! xo

    • I think it had better! We’re expecting heavy rains, wind, and thunderstorms tonight to usher in a cold front. Then temperatures will hover around the 32 degrees point. Brrr, time to bring out my wooly hat and mittens!!

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