Battling the Elements

Whether hot or cold
Some flowers survive and thrive
In any weather

Note: I took a photo of this Snapdragon right after Thanksgiving. It’s still clinging to life, despite a few brutally cold weeks in Illinois.

Note 2: I’m participating in WordPress’s weekly Photo Challenge for 2018. This week’s topic is Weathered. Want to join me??

22 thoughts on “Battling the Elements

    • Bless you for putting up with yet another haiku and photo of this poor dear! Remember, it’s not my fault if WordPress chooses a topic I’ve already written about, heehee!!

  1. Yes, how true that is, Debbie! Last week when it was in the single digits here, I spotted flower buds in one of the parks I visit. I was shocked!

    GREAT photograph, my friend!

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