Bunny in the grass
I’m watching him for you, Mom
Never fear — I’m here

Note: This was taken in August, 2016, as my Sheltie silently sneaked up on a rabbit in the yard.

Note 2: This is my interpretation of Silence, this week’s topic in WordPress’s 2018 Photo Challenge. Take a photo, follow the instructions, and play along!

16 thoughts on “Shhhh….

    • Aw, thanks, Ron. I love bunnies and Dallas, too (Dallas waaay more, of course!). He never seems to know what these bunnies are doing in HIS yard, and that puzzles me, too. I mean, don’t they know he’s a dog??

      Enjoy the rest of your week, and stay safe on those slick streets and sidewalks! xo

    • Ya think?!? I’m not buying it. He’s curious, of course, and definitely not in “attack mode,” but I don’t think he wants any interlopers in his yard!

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