(Nearly) Silent Sunday

Keep shining, beautiful one. The world needs your light. ~Author Unknown

Arthur, Illinois, the heart of Amish Country, boasts this spectacular Pumpkin House. With more than 300 pumpkins decorated by school kids, business folks, volunteers, and others, this display at the Association of Commerce building is lit nightly for a week from Oct. 31 to Nov. 1.

8 thoughts on “(Nearly) Silent Sunday

  1. Oh Debbie, you already know my love, adoration, obsession, and affection for pumpkins so when I saw this post (and photograph) I just about died! What a faaaaaaaaaaaabulous display of pumpkins! I actually clicked to enlarge the image so that I could see each and every pumpkin face!

    Spectacular Pumpkin House, indeed!

    I wonder how long it took them to carve all those pumpkins, and how soon they start doing carving before they display it?


    Thanks so much for the smiles today, my friend:) Loved this! X

    Hope you’re enjoying a fantastic Sunday!

    • You know, Ron, I was thinking of you when I saw this pumpkin display and knew you’d LOVE it as I do!

      This is the first time I’ve seen the Pumpkin House. Who knows, it might be the first time they’ve done it (though I doubt it because it just looks too “seasoned” to be a first!). As to how long it took to carve all these beauties, I have no clue. Nor do I know what they do with all these pumpkins once the display culminates. But aren’t they HAPPY?? (well, some of them anyway!) xoxo

  2. What an amazing display, Debbie. Really liked the quote- an encouragement to keep on shining (or at least trying) when darkness surrounds us. Even if we’re creepy carved pumpkins- light is light! 🎃💡🎃💡

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