Clothes Make the Man

When in doubt, wear red.  ~Bill Blass, American fashion designer

Llama sweater, llama toy

Both designed to bring me joy.

“Ugly” sweater, squeaky plush

Stylishly brown, fashionably blush.

One for the son, one for the pup

Seeing them together just cracks me up!


Note: Happy New Year, friends! See you in 2019!

17 thoughts on “Clothes Make the Man

    • Happy 2019 to you and yours, Linda! I agree llamas are too cute. They kind of look like they know a secret but aren’t telling! I’d forgotten I’d bought this stuffed llama for Dallas, but Domer appreciated the toy almost as much as the darling pup did!!

  1. Debbie, I absolutely love, love, love both the sweater and the toy! They’re adorable!!! And it’s so funny that you posted about Llamas because about two weeks ago I spotted a Llama stuffed animal at Target that I actually was tempted to buy for myself because it was so cute. I think Llamas have the sweetest-looking faces.

    Hope you had a fantastic Christmas. Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year. Cheers!


    • Ron, you are so right — llamas do have sweet faces! This one was an instant hit, both with Dallas and Domer. He’s got a squeaker in his back, but it’s not in a place where Dallas can set it off and drive me nuts, thank goodness.

      Do you like Domer’s sweater? I think the red and the llama face are rather fetching. I just don’t know how one washes something like that without getting the white llama to turn red!

      A warm and wonderful New Year to you, my friend. Thank you for coming along on my posts! xx

  2. This holiday season I LOVE red. Been wearing it all month long. Yesterday, I got myself a beautiful red shawl. Can’t wait to wear it and paint the town red! Of course, this llama sweater takes the cake! Love it!

    Happy 2019, to you too, Debbie!

    • Happy New Year to you and yours, Monica! Red is a magical color, isn’t it — so cheery and exciting! I’m fine wearing red as long as it carries blue undertones. Put me in an orangey-red, and I completely wash right out, ha!

    • Ah, FF, I think I’d like to see llamas pulling Santa’s sleigh! Llamas are so cute and they’re inquisitive social creatures. I know reindeer are more traditional, but those antlers are pretty fierce. I imagine llamas and reindeer wouldn’t work well together, so it’s probably safe that Rudolf et. al. will keep their jobs though. Happy 2019 to you and yours!

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