Sunday’s Gem — Tanzanite

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. ~Albert Einstein

Natural blue Tanzanite, thanks to Geology. These pieces are actually the same. Viewed from different directions, Tanzanite can display as different colors.

Not discovered until 1967 in Tanzania, Tanzanite immediately soared in popularity, thanks to a public education promotion initiated by Tiffany & Company.

Commercial deposits of this semiprecious gemstone are found and mined in an eight-square-mile area near the base of Mount Kilimanjaro in East Africa.

This violet-blue stone is actually the mineral zoisite, which occurs in various shades like colorless, yellow, brown, pink, green, blue, and violet. Heating improves the color, even changing naturally-occuring brown or green varieties into gorgeous blues.

With a score of 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness (10 being hardest), Tanzanite is vulnerable to scratching, so it’s best to wear it in earrings or pendants, not rings.

Metaphysical practitioners value Tanzanite for its ability to unite the mind and heart, as well as to invite protection from the higher realm. Tanzanite is supposed to help you establish a better connection with your Guardian Angel.

On the physical level, Tanzanite is said to strengthen the immune system, soothe side effects of surgery, relieve migraines, and help recovering addicts.

Tanzanite reduces obsessive tendencies and helps rebuild trust while offering relief from worries. Even a small piece in the workplace is soothing and eases communication difficulties. Tanzanite is a good stone for career change.

Tanzanite stimulates the Throat (blue forms), Third Eye (dark blue/purple), and Crown (violet) Chakras, keeping its wearer centered in compassionate humanity.

Added in 2002 to the birthstones for December, Tanzanite is especially soothing for those born under Pisces and Aries.

Talk about stunning! This 5.25-ct. oval Tanzanite gemstone can be yours for $2,200. But hurry — there’s just one available at Tanzanite Jewelry Designs (online or in Crown Point, IN, about 30 miles from Chicago in Northwest Indiana)!

Feng Shui experts say Tanzanite in its blue form uses water energy (associated with the North area of a home or room); its violet forms activate fire energy (the south area).

Clean your Tanzanite jewelry by soaking it in warm soapy water for 20-30 minutes, then drying it off with a soft cloth. Store it separately in a pouch. This is one of those stones that should be reserved for special occasions, not everyday.

Note: The claims here aren’t meant to take the place of medical advice. They’re based on folklore and other sources, and likely “work” best if one’s belief is strong enough!

9 thoughts on “Sunday’s Gem — Tanzanite

  1. I wondered when I saw the name of the gem whether it might be from Tanzania, and usre enough — thanks for answering that question right away! It’s a beautiful stone. It’s interesting that it can appear blue or purple, depending on the light. There are a lot of flowers that do that, too. It’s always interesting to hear the discussions among people who see the “same” thing differently.

    • Isn’t it beautiful? I don’t think I’ve seen any in a jewelry store, but that’s probably because I wasn’t looking for it. I find myself drawn to the first picture here over and over, just trying to take in the different colors!

  2. I adore tanzanite and treated myself to a ring some years ago. Mine is very definitely blue rather than purple and being in a setting doesn’t get the chance to vary as much as a loose stone would do. It’s such a beautifully clear gemstone though – even ones at the lower end of the price spectrum like mine look pretty flawless in comparison to some of the other precious gemstones.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone who had some Tanzanite, FF — I’m so glad you do! I agree it’s a beautiful gemstone. I especially love the color variations and how it’s supposed to help ease worries.

  3. Debbie, you always share information about gemstones I didn’t know…

    “Tanzanite is vulnerable to scratching, so it’s best to wear it in earrings or pendants, not rings.”

    I had no idea that Tanzanite was vulnerable to scratching, so thank you for that!

    I LOVE the color of this gemstone because it’s a combination of purple and blue. As you know I practice energy work (Reiki), and this stone is a combination of the throat and third eye Chakras – indigo.

    OMG, the picture you shared of the $2,200. gemstone is gorgeous! YAWZA!

    Once again my friend, thanks for sharing another informative and enlightening post on gemstones. Really enjoy them!

    Happy Monday! X

    • Ron, if I can uncover facts about gemstones that you didn’t know before, I’m delighted — thank you for telling me so!

      I, too, love the color of this one. I wasn’t born in December, but aren’t those folks lucky to have such a gorgeous birthstone? The fact that it’s supposed to be so good — physically and emotionally — is an added plus.

      Enjoy your work week, my friend! xx

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