Delighting the Senses

The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach. — Henry Beston, American writer and naturalist


My heart quickens at the sight
Of palm tree, water, and sunlight.
My toes long to squish the sand,
To leave footprints along the land.
My nose welcomes the salty air;
I want the breeze to blow my hair.
My ears strain for the thrilling sound
Of roaring waves as they pound.
The warmth of sun makes pink my skin
And banishes thoughts of winter’s din.
A view like this is a feast for the senses
And a welcome rest from all offenses.

Note: This is written as a couplet. I took this photo on a vacation to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

14 thoughts on “Delighting the Senses

  1. Debbie, I love the quote you shared at the start of this post. And I agree about the three great elemental sounds in nature!

    Beautiful photograph too! Instantly reminded me of my time spent living on the east coast of Florida, along the beaches. Even though I’m so happy to be living back in the north east again, I still have a soft spot in my heart for the Florida lifestyle, which included spending lots of time at the beaches. Very laid-back.

    Have a great week ahead of you, my friend! XO

    • Isn’t that a great quote? So very peaceful and calming.
      Thanks for telling me you enjoyed this post, Ron. I can see how you’d have a soft spot in your heart for the beach — I do, too. The only thing I found hard was living on a “playground” while I had to work, ha!
      Enjoy your week as well. Hope you didn’t get too much rain over the weekend! xx

  2. My folks loved the Alabama Gulf coast, I imagine it is much like that in Mississippi. I’ve only been once, and it looked pretty spectacular, even in bad weather. I was lucky enough to spend 2 weeks in Florida this winter, separate trips, separate sides of the state. Always love the combination of sand, palm trees, water and sun.

    • Thanks, Dawn. I’m pretty sure somebody needs a vacation. After the grueling winter we’ve had, we all deserve two weeks lying in the sun on a warm sandy beach!

  3. Your comment about working on a playground certainly resonated. One of the things about working on boats is that I’m in the middle of a world where most people are showing up to have fun. I don’t always envy them, but sometimes I do — and sometimes the temptation to just throw it all over and join them can be pretty strong.

    The photo’s glorious, and the poem does a great job of highlighting all those “natural world wonders” in a pleasing way. The beach offers a feast for the senses, for sure. One of these days, I’ll take some time for the beach, too.

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Linda. Yes, I’m sure you can empathize. It’s a challenge working when you have to pass by all those happy people playing on the sand and in the water!

      That said, perhaps NOT having to see the beach every day makes it more special to me. In my mind, I can relive the sensations of sand, sun, and water; hear the calls of the gulls and children; taste the salt in the air. And every so often — more, probably, than I’ve done lately — I need to go there myself to re-energize!!

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