10 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom

  1. It might be parent and youngster, too. I once had the experience of watching a parent dove sit just that way with a young one before leaving it to spend its first night alone on my balcony. Clearly, it was harder on me than on the baby dove! I did get a couple of photos, and I’m glad I did, because at the time I didn’t realize what was going on. The life of birds is ever so much more interesting than we often realize.

    Whatever the truth about this pair, it’s a wonderful photo — lucky you to get it!

    • As I watched, I became more convinced this was a pair of siblings. I saw a HUGE dove approach and usher them back under the evergreen from which they’d obviously “escaped”! Perhaps she was feeding them, too.

      I do find birds interesting, Linda, particularly the birds who aren’t afraid to live, feed, and nest close by the house. Doves worry me a bit, as they nest beneath evergreens and on the ground, right where hungry kitties roam. Hope the wee one on your balcony survived, too!

      • Ah! Neat that you got to see mama (or papa) and could be assured that the kiddos got back into shelter. It is such fun to watch them — and you’re right that some seem perfectly happy to live right alongside us.

  2. Debbie, both this photograph (which is so sweet!) and your words complement each other perfectly! And you’re right, it doesn’t matter. It’s the LOVE.

    Beautiful post, my friend! Have a faaaaaaabulous weekend! X

    • Thank you, Ron, for your beautiful compliment — that glow you’re seeing is me blushing from happiness! Happy Memorial weekend — fingers crossed it doesn’t rain all three days! xx

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