Beading in the Storm

You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment unless you trust enough. ~Frank Crane, Presbyterian minister and writer

I’ve heard that when a healing bracelet breaks, it’s a sign the stones have done all they can do for you, and you need to move on.

Recently, my bracelet did just that, so I used a gloomy, stormy day to make another:

This is a Chakra bracelet, with two gemstones each of Black Onyx, Sodalite, Turquoise, Aventurine, Tiger’s Eye, Amethyst, and Picture Jasper.

Based on yogic tradition, Chakras are seven wheels spinning the flow of energy inside the body from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. When these Chakras are aligned, the body is healthy and whole; when one or more is out of balance (due to stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, and negative thoughts), disease and misery are present.

Do I believe that? I don’t know, but I’m sure God put everything on earth we’d need for optimum life, and even what appears to be “lifeless” rocks have a certain energy.

Worn in India for centuries, Chakra healing bracelets are said to trap negative energy in the stones and promote positivity for the wearer. Many different stones can be used for such bracelets, as long as they’re color-coded to the seven Chakras — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple.

And while I was making bracelets, I created this one:

It, too, is a healing bracelet, one I apparently need since I’ve fought back issues ever since I broke two ribs in a fall in 2014.

This one is comprised of one each of Black Jasper, Snowflake Jasper (the supreme healer), Hematite (enhances self-confidence and concentration), Lapis, Amazonite (courage, creativity, truth), Emerald Jade (love, peace through strength), Fancy Jasper, Amethyst (piety, mental calm, creativity), Citrine (self-confidence), Carnelian (prosperity, lower back problems), Howlite (balance calcium levels, diffuse anger), Rose Jade, Fluorite (creativity), Moonstone (degenerative conditions), and Clear Crystal.

Now for the fun part, testing whether either (or both!) actually work for me!

15 thoughts on “Beading in the Storm

  1. It’s beautiful. What a talent to be able to make such a lovely bracelet, and of course to know so much about the healing powers of stones. Whether or not it works for you, you’ll be quite stylish in your new bracelet. Lovely!

    • Is that really you, my friend?? How long has it been?! Good to see you regardless. I’m glad you think these are pretty. They really do “go” with everything, ha!

  2. If those stones really get their act together, you ought to be in fine fettle in about two weeks! I especially like the light green stone — is that the citrine? I think it might be. The variety is appealing. It will be fun to wear, no matter what the effects.

    • Boy, I sure hope so, Linda! I’m not complaining — so many folks suffer pain constantly — but this bout hasn’t been much fun. Hmm, the light green stone. Not sure which one you’re referring to. If it’s in the top bracelet, I’m guessing Aventurine. If you mean the bottom one, could be Jade, could be Amazonite. The Citrine is the flat, pale yellow in the bottom photo. Hope that helps!

        • Ah, that’s quite pretty, too. Probably doesn’t have the beneficial effects of real gemstones, though, if one believes in that sort of thing!

  3. Debbie, your gemstone bracelet is absolutely gorgeous!

    And I loved this because I didn’t know…

    “…that when a healing bracelet breaks, it’s a sign the stones have done all they can do for you, and you need to move on.”

    …but that makes perfect sense!

    I think all your jewelry is beautiful, yet being someone who is a Reiki practitioner and knows the power of Chakra and energy, the Chakra bracelet really speaks to me. And it’s ironic because I just this second finished meditating on my Chakra’s. I try to do that every morning before I start my day because it seems to balance me. I very much believe in the power of Chakra’s because I’ve actually witnessed the results – mentally, physically, and spiritually. Actually, I have a post that I wrote many years ago still in my drafts which I’ve been thinking about posting on my blog. I may just do it.

    Your second bracelet is beautiful as well. I love all the various gemstone colors and what they represent.

    GREAT post, my friend. Perfect way to start my week! Thank you!


    • I’m glad that statement makes sense, Ron. It did for me, too. Sometimes, when a bracelet breaks, I’ll just re-do it, only in a different order, or I’ll add or subtract some stones, to give it a different “feel.”

      Good for you, meditating every morning! I imagine that starts your day in a calm, joyful way — and that’s probably the best way to tackle things. Prayer does the same for me. I’d be very interested in reading the post you’ve been holding onto, the one describing your personal results using Chakras. It must be fascinating and rewarding to be a Reiki practitioner!

      Have a wonderful workweek! xo

  4. Beautiful, Debbie! i’m not sure whether I believe in the power of stones either, but I do know that when I wear a piece of jewellery, especially a bracelet or necklace, made from stones that feel tactile as well as looking pretty, it undoubtedly enhances my mood and that can only be good for the health, eh? I hope your bracelets work for you… 😀

    • You’re so right, FF! Somebody somewhere has probably done a study proving that, if one feels good, one’s health is improved. Just makes logical sense to me! As for the bracelets, much of the time I forget I’m even wearing them, but when I become conscious of them — really *look* at them — they make me happy!

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