Filling the Eye

Give me odorous at sunrise a garden of beautiful flowers where I can walk undisturbed. ~Walt Whitman, American poet

There once was a tall yellow flower

Who announced it received the power

To attract fuzzy bees

Without making them sneeze

And humans to become less dour.


11 thoughts on “Filling the Eye

  1. “To attract fuzzy bees

    Without making them sneeze”

    Debbie, this limerick was SO cleverly written! You have many gifts, my friend, and one of them is your ability to write in a variety of genres.

    Very talented you are!

    Oh, and I love the photograph too! What great color you captured!

    Hope you’re enjoying a super Sunday!

    • HaHa, glad you enjoyed my silliness, Ron! There’s something awfully cute about a fuzzy bee, don’t you agree? These flowers seem attractive not only to bees, but also to butterflies. I can’t fathom why, as they have no scent at all to me. Still, the cheery yellow color would seem enough to at least draw them in for a closer look!

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend, my friend! xo

    • Thanks so much, John. Yes, these are in my back yard. Dallas has absolutely NO inkling to bother them — maybe because of the bees?!? — and I think they’re called Brown-Eyed Susans. It’s an Illinois wildflower that perennially starts blooming in mid-summer and goes almost to Fall. I didn’t plant them — I think the birds did actually!

    • So sorry to hear you’ve been sneezing, FF. Hope that clears up soon! Glad you enjoyed my limerick — I’m also glad these flowers don’t give me the sneezies, ha!

  2. Hooray for those flower-planting birds! They’re beautiful, and from what I can tell, you have the ID just right. The limerick’s fun, too. The more time I spend around flowers, the more I understand that the bees aren’t really interested in us. They’re much more eager to get to that pollen. As long as we don’t get in their way, coexistence is quite possible! They certainly have a flowery feast spread out before them in your yard — I’m glad your birdies brought you that gift!

    • Linda, I’m thrilled those bees seem to know their place is with the wildflowers, not on me or Dallas, ha! I was surprised the first year these Susans appeared and have been tickled every year since. To have a “crop” of beautiful yellow flowers spring up as if by magic — and to have them seemingly independent of my care and oversight — is a big blessing. Sure, I hit them with a bit of water when I see them drooping, but generally, they do just fine without my intervention. Would that I could say the same for the roses!

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