7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • Thank you for that information, Linda! My dad was the entomologist in this house, and without him, I’m lost. In fact, I couldn’t even tell if this winged beauty was a butterfly or a moth! All I could determine was, it was pretty and it really liked my Sedum!

  1. OUTSTANDING photo capture, Debbie! It’s just beautiful!

    And aren’t you so happy that Autumn is coming? I am. I can already feel the shift in the air. Not to mention, all the fabulous pumpkin stuff in Trader Joe’s. LOL!

    Have a superb rest of your week, my friend! X

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Ron — you’re sweet to say so! And oh, yes, I’m thrilled Autumn is on its way! It’s my favorite season, as we’ve discussed before, and I can hardly wait for the trees to don their crimson and gold dresses. Would you believe I’ve already bought several bags of candy corn, too?!!

      Enjoy the rest of your week as well — we’re expecting a BIG cool down next week, yeah!! xx

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