Cycle of Life

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson, American essayist and poet

Fallen leaves.
Outlines their veins,
Bestows a beauty
Gone since they turned color
Earlier in the season.
Something sad about the Autumn
When trees become bare and look like sticks.
As they prepare to rest for several months.

Don’t cry because leaves are not here today.
They served a purpose and now they’re gone.
Nestled together on the ground,
Sheltering grass and insects,
Enhancing the landscape.
And renewing
The cycle
Of life —

Note: This poetic form is a Double Etheree.

23 thoughts on “Cycle of Life

    • I’m glad you liked this one, Barbara — thanks for telling me. We’re fast approaching the time when we think Nature goes dormant, but we know that’s just appearances, don’t we? Things are busily preparing for the future!

  1. Until I saw Barbara’s comments, I wasn’t sure if that was frost on the leaves; it’s been so long since I’ve seen frosty leaves, I wasn’t sure. The photos are beautiful, and it made me almost unreasonably happy that you mentioned the leaves important roles after they’ve fallen. Too many people think getting every single leaf off the lawn is a good thing (hence the phrase ‘leaf litter’), but their importance to our lives is far more than looking pretty for a few weeks.

    • Linda, I’m glad you pointed that out. We all tend to ooh and aah over Autumn’s splendor, but there’s a bigger picture to appreciate. Decaying yard ‘debris’ — or mulch — protects root structure, helps choke out weeds, and helps the soil retain moisture. And, if done properly, it looks pretty nice, to boot!

  2. Debbie, this piece is so beautiful!

    To me, each season represents a cycle within the cycle of life.

    Autumn represents a period of shedding things and change.

    Winter represents a period of rest and reflection.

    Spring represents a period of rebirth and renewal.

    Summer represents a period of trying out all the things we learned.

    And renewing
    The cycle
    Of life —

    LOVE the way you expressed that!

    I so enjoy this time of year (and Winter as well) because I find the barrenness within nature during those seasons “artistically” beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing this my, friend! Have a terrific Sunday! X

    • I’m thrilled to hear you liked it, Ron! Thank you for pointing out just what each season represents. I don’t know how you know all this stuff, but I’m impressed!

      Indeed, winter does appear barren at times, but so much is going on behind the scenes (and beneath the ground!) that the dormancy is merely an illusion. Enjoy the week ahead — and watch out for those high winds we’ll be sending your way! xo

  3. I welcome those leaves in my gardens, Debbie. Especially this year as I did not get around to organically fertilizing them. And yes this time of year holds sadness as I see the bare limbs and the colors gone …. Yet I will not hold on to that sadness for every season does serve a purpose under heaven. LOVE your pictures of the leaves. Thank you for sharing them!!
    PS I couldn’t help but see the comment above me …. I’m still working on “loving” the bareness of Winter. I’m a warmth and color type of girl. I ask my Inner Guidance every year to help me find the beauty in a season that is tough on me. Perhaps this year I fall in love? (smile) xo

    • Amy, I’m right there with you — I, too, am a lover of sunshine and color. In winter, you’ll often find me holed up in a south-facing window on sunny days, where I pretend I’m getting my Vitamin D (you can’t get that through a window, silly me!) and enjoying the warmth. My favorite seasons are spring and fall, probably because of the ever-changing weather and scenery (at least where I am in the Midwest!)

      • Perhaps together we can encourage each other to at least try to fall in love with Winter. I love all other seasons, perhaps Spring being number one because it is in that season I am able to capture SO many birds which I LOVE to do. And that new bright green fills my soul to overflowing. Feels nice to have someone else understand how I feel about the long dreary grey cold days of Winter. *sighs* As you will see I do go out to capture the white stuff ….. I’ve got the gear to stay warm. xo

        • I’ll be glad to help bolster us up this winter, Amy! I think, if I at least try to get out in it a bit more, maybe the joy I felt as a kid when it snowed will come back … at least, a little!

    • Thank you for stopping by, Kathy — I’m glad this one resonated with you. So many people frantically rake their lawns, when mulching them seems to make more sense.

  4. What lovely photos, Debbie! And I loved your poem too….reminding us that although there is something sad about Autumn, there is also the promise of new life to come. Sometimes we spend so much time looking back at what we no longer have or think we are losing, that we lose sight of what is yet to come!

    • You nailed it, Ann! And since 2020 has been such a rotten year for MOST of us, I’ve decided to try looking on the hopeful side. Hope is always there, it’s just that sometimes we need to search harder for it!

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