Standing Out

I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do. ~Willa Cather, American writer

How do you like my pretty dress?

It’s red, as you can plainly see.

In it, I become a princess.

No crown, no robe, no throne for me.

Too soon my leaves are going to flee

And all my branches will be bare.

So share my joy with utter glee

And when I’m nude, try not to stare!


Note: Poetry form is Huitain.


30 thoughts on “Standing Out

  1. Honestly? I didn’t expect to be laughing at 5:45 in the morning, but I am. That’s a great ending, and a fun poem. The tree is pretty darned glorious, too. That kind of color is soul-stirring!

  2. Oh Debbie, what a delightful poem!

    And this literally made me laugh out loud….

    “And when I’m nude, try not to stare!”

    It’s ironic that you posted this today because I was in the park yesterday and noticed how bright and vivacious the leaves were on the trees. We got a pretty late start on the colorful foliage this year, however, it’s making up for it now.

    Thanks for starting my Sunday off with a smile. Have a superb day, my friend! X

    P.S. Beautiful photograph!

    • Oh, Ron, I knew you’d see the humor in this one! You and I tend to feel that trees are “people” with limbs, bark, and leaves. Just imagine how awful it must feel knowing your dazzling outer garments are going to be stripped right off you, leaving you stark naked for the world to see! xo

  3. Gorgeous tree! Loved the poem… I guess this means you won’t be posting nudes of the princess? Never contemplated trees in the buff before — something to ponder on my next walk in the woods. 🙂

    • This is one of my neighbor’s trees, Barbara, and it was simply stunning. Of course, just a few days after I snapped its picture, the poor thing had turned back into a stick. (And I didn’t have the heart to rub it in with a side-by-side shot of the nude, ha!)

    • You know, Dawn, sometimes even the bare trees can be beautiful and artsy. Still, this maple was majestic in both color and shape, and catching the sun shining on it just right made for a decent photo. Just dumb luck!

    • I’m surrounded by a LOT of sticks, Robin! Not too bad visually on a sunny day, but it brings out the introspection when it’s cloudy and cold. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Eliza, you MUST be an artist! Actually, I like the bare form, but I like it better on sunny days. Today’s cloudy and dreary, when I’d prefer the reds, golds, and oranges of Autumn for their cheer-up factor!

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