Message from Beyond

We understand death for the first time when he puts his hand upon one whom we love. ~Germaine de Stael, French-Swiss author

Hi, Everybody!

Dallas here, coming at you from the Rainbow Bridge. On what would have been my 14th earth birthday.

You simply would NOT believe how gorgeous it is here. The colors are amazing, way beyond what you’d imagine. And I’m able to see them ALL, not just yellow, blue, and gray.

There’s continual music, uninterrupted by commercials, and everybody (even those of us with a bit of hearing loss on earth) gets to hear the style they especially love.

There are gentle breezes, glittering mansions, clouds, and the Creator.

Best of all, there are cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

And doughnuts.

With no worries at all over putting on weight . . . ever!

And no need to perform to get ’em either.

Me, Dallas, June 2018

When Mama told me it was time for me to go to the Rainbow Bridge, I confess I felt a bit afraid.

Well, maybe more than a bit.

Who wouldn’t be, you know? It’s not a place I’d been before, and something told me Mama wouldn’t be leaving with me.

Speaking of Mama, I know she’s sad. I’ve seen her tears, and I feel her heartache. But I don’t want her sad fur-ever. This is a wonderful place, and I’m happy to see my friends and fur-kin. So I’m counting on all you good blogging buddies to keep her spirits up, ‘k?

I understand some folks claim dogs don’t go anywhere after their earthly lives end, but if you ask me, that’s just plain silly.

I mean, Mama often told me she saw God’s goodness in me when I was alive, so why wouldn’t I continue reflecting that in Heaven?

Nobody suffers here. No hunger, no thirst, no aches and pains, no more tears. And none of that pandemic-thing either.

I found my fur-mama, fur-daddy, and fur-sis real fast. They got here a long time before I did and were glad to show me the ropes. I also found a lot of the people and dogs I’d met and gotten close to on earth.

I think they were happy to see me, as I was them.

Mama would have called it old home week!

You know, I loved my Mama and family fiercely when I was on earth, and I expect it will be a long time before they join me.

Mama has lots of things to do before then.

I hope she’ll have many more dogs to love, though none of them will mean more to her than I did — she didn’t call me her Soul Dog for nothing!

Woo Hoo, I hear the angels are serving pizza, so gotta run.

Any furry body you’d like me to look up for you??

36 thoughts on “Message from Beyond

  1. Dallas, when did you pass over to this loving place? I can feel your mom’s love for you shining through this blog. Hugs, Debbie, as you remember this precious being.

    • Hi Miss Kathy! I, Dallas went to the Rainbow Bridge in early early March, just before that pandemic thing closed the world down. I’m glad I didn’t have to experience the confusion of that, but I’m sorry Mama has had to do so without me. Glad she has such a wonderful group of blogging buddies so you can help comfort each other.

  2. Dallas, this post brought tears to my eyes, because like Mama, I miss your adorable face and (blog posts) very, very much. So it’s wonderful to know that you’re happy and enjoying a “heavenly” life!

    “I mean, Mama often told me she saw God’s goodness in me when I was alive, so why wouldn’t I continue reflecting that in Heaven?

    Yes, I agree with Mama! And I’m absolutely sure everyone in heaven is enjoying your sweet little soul.

    “Woo Hoo, I hear the angels are serving pizza, so gotta run.”

    HA! OMG…that cracked me up! I always loved your sense of humor!

    And yes, if you see my furry cat, Jerry, please tell him that I miss him and think of him often.

    Thanks for your message today, Dallas. You made my day!

    X you!

    • Mr. Ron, I’m so sorry — I didn’t mean to make you cry! This is a grand place, and the cookies and head-scratches are free!

      Mama rarely ever posts on Saturday, but that would’ve been my birthday, so I told her I would. Gets her away from writing that novel, hee hee!

      You’ll be happy to know I found your cat Jerry! It took a little doing, because I’d never met him on earth and all, but I found him. He remembers you fondly, too, and promised he’d wait for you (but he said to take your time, okay? After all, one minute here is the same as dozens of years on earth, so we don’t really have much chance to miss you before you suddenly appear.). He said to tell you Meow, whatever that means! xo

    • Oh Miss Eliza, you are so right! I, Dallas want to tell the world how wonderful it is to hope and love — those are things that sometimes are difficult on earth, but come really easy here!

  3. For just a split second, when I read “Dallas, here” I forgot what had happened, and it was as though Dallas still was with us. In truth, he is: differently, but just as real in his way. Thanks for reminding us of him. He certainly brought us a lot of pleasure in his earthly years!

    • Miss Linda, I’ve heard that when you’re remembered — even occasionally and even a wee bit — you’re never really gone. And for sure Mama remembers me! I imagine she’ll have another pup one day, but nobody can take my place! It’s nice to hear that so many people had fond memories of me when I was on earth — and one day we’ll meet for reals!!

  4. A lovely post, Dallas. I know it gives your Mama an element of peace to know you are safe and happy. If you wouldn’t mind, I would love it if you could say hi with love to Bailey, Frankie, Stella, Coco, Cujo, and Maggie for me. I miss them all.

    • Mr. John, I am safe … and happy. The no more pain thing is HUGE! I wish we on this side could do something to remove that pandemic — it troubles me a bit that so many are suffering. You’ll be pleased to know I found ALL of your furry friends! Bailey, of course, was easy since I knew her on Earth. Frankie, Stella, Coco, Cujo, and Maggie took a bit longer, but Bailey helped me find them. They’re all well and miss you, too, but they’ve promised me they’ll wait for you. Take your time, though — we’re not going anywhere, hee hee!

  5. Oh Dallas, I was so excited when I read the title because I just knew we’d be hearing from you! We miss you, but of course not as much as your mama does. But we think about you quite often and are so relieved to know you’re in such a beautiful place! Katie says if you could find Reilly and Denny from FLorida, and Morgan and Maizie from Pennsylvania, and of course Ludo from England, and Misty from upstate NewYork, these are all blogging friends that we miss so much. There are more, but that’s quite a big assignment already. Katie likes the thought of no pain. She jumped off the sofa yesterday and hurt a leg, and then she was getting better and she did it again today, so she’s still limping. She definitely would like to have the pain stop!

    Anyway, I hope we hear from you again, Happy Birthday in heaven sweetheart!

    • Miss Dawn, I, Dallas am so happy to hear that I’ve been missed! I enjoyed my time with Mama — especially when she let me take over her blog! — but this is such a happy, peaceful place. And I know I’ll be reunited with my mama one day.

      Tell Princess Katie “Mission Accomplished” — I found Reilly and Denny, Morgan and Maizie, Ludo and Misty as requested. We’re having a LOT of fun getting to know each other on this side of the Rainbow Bridge. Tell Katie that Reilly (who doesn’t have foot problems here) sends love to his special girl! Thanks for the birthday wishes and Katie: you need to ask your pawrents to CARRY you off the sofa. No jumping!!

      • Thank you, Dallas. It made the Princess (and her mama) feel lots better to know you found them all. Must be some wonderful kind of party up there! Katie was especially glad to know that Reilly is doing well, probably running on a beach chasing those pesky birds right now.

        • I know Mr. Reilly was pretty special to the Princess, so I looked him up first! (not that the others aren’t special, too — ALL dogs are special!)

    • Was Skipper your dog, Miss Barbara? I didn’t know him on earth, but if he was a Sheltie, I’m positive he had ‘good boy’ written all over him! I’ll hunt for him this very day and pass along your best wishes … though I bet he already knows that!!

      • Yes, he was our family dog while I was growing up. He used to “herd” my sister and me when we played in the yard. When strangers came to the house he never barked but when one of us came home he would announce us to the others with his barks of joy. He was very dearly loved with all his quirks, and still missed.

  6. I’m so glad you’re letting us know what life after crossing the rainbow bridge is like, Dallas! Because sometimes those of us who are left behind really worry about that, especially when we had to make the decision that it was time for our loved ones to cross. We need messages like yours to remind us that helping you make that crossing was an act of love, and that you really are happy where you are now and that your love for us is still just as strong as ever. I know your mom will be sad for a long time, but it really does help her to know that she made the right decision and that you know she did too. By the way, if you see my Lucy up there (look for a sweet white dog chasing squirrels and hanging around the never-ending buffet table) tell her that her Mom says hello and that she still misses her too!

    • Miss Ann, I, Dallas am glad if my message gave you some comfort, too. You see, even if we furry kids are no longer on earth, we’ll always be on the lookout for our special people. YES!! I have seen your Lucy! We met over that buffet table, in fact. I was a bit of a chow-hound on earth, and Mama had to work to keep my weight under control, but here … it’s no holds barred. And that’s great for pups like me and Lucy. By the way, she send you warm hugs and wet kisses!

    • Thank you, Miss Natalie. Yes, I know my mama misses me terribly, and it saddens me knowing I had to leave her to face this pandemic alone. I’m counting on her blogging buddies for mutual support and hugs!

  7. Oh Dallas, your posts here have been sorely missed(!) but sounds like you are finding joy in Rainbow Bridge (angelic pizzas? yum!) We’re so glad your earthly pain is gone – and that you will be pain free for all eternity. Your Mama misses you (although she has bravely borne your absence) – and we miss you, too! Ethereal hugs!

    • Oh, Miss Virginia, thank you so much for your kind words! I, Dallas am big on ethereal hugs! Yes, it’s nice to hear that I’m missed, but being pain-free for eternity is a wonderful trade-off. I hope I can nudge the right new pup in Mama’s direction so she’ll be too busy for tears!

  8. Oh, Debbie, I have such a huge lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. God help me, I know the pain of goodbye only too well. I love how you envisioned heaven for your beloved and I absolutely agree. What a heart touching post this was. Still have a lump in my throat ……

    • Miss Amy, I, Dallas am sorry to bring you tears, but how I love Mama’s sensitive, caring friends! The process of escorting me to the Bridge was painful for my mama, but I seriously didn’t feel any hurt at all. And I was too doped up to do anything about Mama’s tears — I’ll make up for that when she finally gets here (though, gee, I hope that’s decades and decades off!)

      • Dallas, I hope you like cats. I’m writing this through tears. My Cookie, Karma, Princess, Rocky, Prinny, Tigger, TeeTee, Molly, Bella, Echo, Cuddles, and Alpha are all running about. Oh yes I’ve had quite the family over the years and I still do. Please say hi to them for me would you? Bless you. Oof!

        • I never got too close to cats while I was on earth, Miss Amy, but here, we ALL get along! And yes, it took some doing, but I finally found all your beloved kitties — Cookie, Karma, Princess, Rocky, Prinny, Tigger, TeeTee, Molly, Bella, Echo, Cuddles, and Alpha. They are all well and happy … and they told me to tell you they’ll see you again one day (but not too soon, okay?!!)

  9. This was just beautiful!! You are such a talented writer! And yes, please,Dallas, if you have time would you mind looking up Dewey, and Badger, and Bayley, and telling them that their Mama and Marlee are so happy that they live in such a beautiful, carefree place now. Our hearts will never stop missing them—or looking for them—but we are doing just fine now. Now run and share some cookies with them when you locate them. 😀

    • Hi Miss Angie, and thanks for your kind words! You’ll be happy to learn I found Dewey, Badger, and Bayley — all are well, happy, and whole, and they’re waiting for you (but since ‘Time’ isn’t a big deal here, they said not to hurry!!)

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