Wordless Wednesday — Ice

One kind word can warm three winter months. ~Japanese proverb

Ice coating on the branches of this bush

Holly bush covered in berries and ice

Icicles growing on this variegated plant

Different view of Holly covered in ice

For those interested in the fate of my baby tree (https://domermom.com/2020/12/17/tree-as-teacher/), you can see it’s still growing. How do you like its red scarf?

36 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday — Ice

  1. Hi, Debbie!! We had some ice too but not like this. It’s down in the 20’s here today yet despite that, I’m thinking of going out with my cameras. We’ll see. I really enjoyed your ice sculptures. Ice can do some awesome incredible art!!! xo

    • Supposed to feel like 14 tonight here — brr! Glad I don’t have to go outside in it. Better for me to enjoy your icy pictures from the warmth of my office. Thanks for stopping by, Amy!

  2. Debbie, your photos are BEEEEEAUTIFUL! I love when ice forms; coating the branches and leaves on trees and bushes. It look like DIAMONDS! Your baby tree looks so cute (and healthy). It looks like a little, baby Christmas tree!

    We were supposed to get snow yesterday, but nada. It rained a bit, but no snow. Hopefully in the upcoming days. You know me, I am so enjoying Winter. 🙂

    Happy Mid-Week, my friend! X

    • Ron, you’re right — it is beautiful. But COLD!! We had about three inches of icy, wet snow this afternoon, so it looks as if I’m staying inside for a while. Like I can go anywhere anyway, what with this pandemic!

      Enjoy the rest of your week, my friend — here’s hoping you’ll get to enjoy some of the snow we’re sending your way! xx

  3. Ice storms can be so pretty, yet deadly for the trees, too. Love the little red scarf on your sapling. I hope it does well this winter! In the meantime it does seem to be modeling the strength, patience, and persistence you were hoping for. 🙂

    • Barbara, they activated the emergency utility folks but thankfully, they weren’t needed. I guess some of the ice evaporated, just in time for a three-inch snowfall to come take its place. I felt so sorry for my tiny tree — only the top tip was visible, once the snow stopped. I guess it’s burrowing in for the winter like me!

  4. I especially like the third photo. The leaves covered with the most ice near the center top of the photo look like a tiny white flower blooming. And your scarf-wearing tree is darling. I hope that’s enough to keep it warm!

    • Indeed, Dawn. My fingers were almost numb, despite my gloves, after being outside in all this ice. And to make matters even more challenging, we got three inches of icy, wet snow on top of it all. May can’t arrive soon enough!

    • John, that scarf was Frank’s idea (from Beach Walk Reflections). He thought my tiny tree needed to know somebody cared and was protecting it; thus, the red yarn ribbon. I don’t imagine an evergreen needs to be warm in the winter months, but I kind of like the idea of a jaunty scarf!

    • Brr is correct! And it didn’t exactly melt as get replaced by about three inches of snow. Pretty now, but it won’t take long before it turns a nasty, dirty brown.

  5. Lovely! We very rarely get it cold enough for real ice these days though I remember lots of icicles when I was a kid. Your baby tree appears to be thriving despite the weather! Are you going to make little mittens for its fingers to match its scarf? 😉

    • I remember immense snowfalls when I was a kid, the kind that piled up into massive drifts and hung around until Spring. This icy mess is another story. Perhaps there’s more to climate change than some folks are willing to admit, huh?!?

  6. Ice can be so beautiful! I admit I’m not a fan when it knocks out our power or I have to drive some where, but when I’m safely inside I really love the way it looks. And your photos are fabulous!!

    • Thanks so much, Ann — I’m glad you liked them. Ice can be treacherous to drive on, and I hate when the power goes out because of it, but you’re right: it makes for some beautiful scenes!

  7. Winter weather can be so frustrating (and even dangerous.) But it also has such a unique beauty. I’m particularly drawn to the holly bush! Gorgeous!

  8. I saw ice on my way down but luckily it all seemed to have happened before I got to anywhere. Down here it’s chilly, but no ice, no snow. So I”m good. Hope you are good too!

  9. Hi Debbie. When I saw your comment at Laurie’s, a signal went off in my mind – a sign saying that it seems I haven’t seen a post in a while. … and now I discover I missed it for whatever reason. 😦 …. Although ice storms are dangerous, they do bring beauty, so thanks for capturing and sharing. And the little guy at the end made me smile. Strong … a survivor. Do I see a little red bow at its base?

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