Tangible Affirmations

Never deprive someone of hope — it may be all they have. ~Author unknown

Recently, it occurred to me that, rather than suffer through negative feelings over the lack of a puppy in my life, I needed to do something positive to prepare the way for a new wee one to arrive.

An affirmation, if you will.

So I went to the store and purchased these:

Now I realize some might question my sanity. Who buys a dog collar, leash, and puppy toy for a dog that’s not even here yet?

But one day he will be, and he’s going to need these things.

New things, not hand-me-downs from Dallas.

Because, in truth, I donated most of Dallas’s things — feeding bowls, toys, leash, and more — to our local animal shelter after he went to the Rainbow Bridge.

Donating to the “poor dogs” was something I did regularly when Dallas was alive. Despite not understanding it, he didn’t balk.

I see no sense in not continuing the practice. Just because a dog has the misfortune not to have found a forever home yet doesn’t mean he/she shouldn’t have toys to play with and warm towels to curl up in.

In all this, however, I’ve discovered something odd: I don’t have clear recall of Dallas’s puppy-hood some 14 years ago.

Oh, I remember his Gotcha Day; it’s the day-to-day housebreaking and feeding and training that escapes me.

Maybe it went by too fast. Or maybe it’s living so long with a senior pup, tending his changing needs for food and medication.

Or maybe bringing a new pup home is akin to childbirth, and you only remember the blessing of having new life in your arms, not the pain.

At any rate, I’ve been preparing my heart for a new furry friend; these items are a tangible way for me to prepare my space for him.

Do you make affirmations?

43 thoughts on “Tangible Affirmations

  1. I donated nearly all of Dixie Rose’s things, too. There have been a couple of times I wished I still had her carrier (like the time we rescued an injured squirrel), but such occasions are rare, and the shelter can make better use of it. I kept her brush, and one heart-shaped catnip toy; that, with the photos, is enough.

    I don’t ‘make affirmations.’ So many of them seem to me like choosing a ‘the word of the year’ or some such. Maybe it’s because I’m old enough to have grown up around people who still were repeating “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.” Popularized by a dude named Coué, it was quite the thing, although we kids noticed the adults who used it most didn’t seem to be much better than anyone else!

    That aside, there’s no question that ‘self talk’ can affect us, both postively and negatively, and I do watch out for times when I begin living in my head rather than in the world.

  2. Anticipation! That’s half the fun. So happy to hear you’re planning for a new puppy. I wasn’t sure about my answer to your question about making affirmations at first, but now after thinking about it that must be what I’ve been doing coping with a chronic illness this past year or so. “I can and I will do things to promote healing in my life.” Looking forward to meeting your new furry friend!

    • Thanks so much, Barbara. I’ve never been one who waits well. I suppose I was standing in another line when the angels were handing out patience! But yes, sometimes an affirmation is helpful. If nothing else, it gives us something to focus on while we’re waiting.

  3. Interesting musings about not remembering a good deal of the puppy days. Our cats are seniors (almost 14 years old — litter mates), and have suddenly taken up playing again. It reminded me of when they used to race around, tearing up everything in sight as they jumped on it, ran on it, and got hung up on it. Affirmations…hmmm. I’m not sure. Maybe. Not in words so much as in my yoga practice. It sets a tone for the day, and perhaps that is an affirmation of sorts.

    • My Dallas played like a puppy almost to the day he crossed the Bridge, Robin. What is it about senior pets that gives them a new lease on life as the end nears? Perhaps it’s nature’s way of providing us with GOOD memories when they leave? At any rate, I’m glad your kitties are giving you something to smile about on these cold winter days.

  4. I make affirmations all the time. And the ones that seem to “work best” are the ones I work towards…supporting my affirmations with actions. Thinking about walking your handsome puppy on his blue leash with his tail wagging behind him, imagining chasing him around the house to retrieve the forbidden, and cuddling him in your lap all help bring the imagined into reality. Blue is a great color, too. I am certain just the right puppy will own your heart soon and until then, let those affirmations fly.

    • You do understand, don’t you, Katybeth!! Thank you, my friend. Yes, I felt a need to do something more tangible than just envision a new pup. Any pup will need a collar, leash, and toy, and rather than wait until he gets here, I decided to take the bull by its horns and have something I could “see” him using and enjoying. That way, he becomes more real to me — and the waiting isn’t as frustrating!!

  5. Debbie, what a lovely post! And I am 100% behind your getting these things in preparation for when the new dog arrives. It’s like showing the Universe that you’re ready and open to receiving! And sometimes I think we’re “in tune” to things because we can sense that certain things are going to happen. So, perhaps you can feel that new pup coming along in the near future.

    Whatever the case, I wish you all the best in your discovery. And who ever that doggie might be, I know that he/she will be so lucky and blessed to have you as it’s Mama!

    By the way, that blue stuffed doggie toy is ADORABLE!

    Have a super week, my friend! X

    • Thanks very much, Ron. I’ve heard that we need to send the Universe “signs” when we’re ready to make a change — and I, for one, am beyond ready to have a new pup running around here! No, it won’t be Dallas, whom I miss every day, but something tells me Dallas wouldn’t mind one bit sharing his mama with another pup.

      Isn’t that a cute doggie toy? I love the color that goes with the new collar and leash, and it’s got a wee squeaker on the inside (something that likely will have to be removed to prevent the fur-baby from swallowing it).

      Happy new week to you! xo

  6. I got rid of all my previous cats’ stuff too, and got new stuff in preparation for the arrival of Tommy and Tuppence, although only a week or two before I got them. I’d also kinda picked their names in advance, so that meant I knew I had to get a girl and a boy – the seller tried hard to persuade me to take two boys since she had someone else lined up for the one female in the litter, but I held firm! (So when Tuppence annoys me, I often tell her I should have taken her brother instead… but it’s OK, she knows I don’t mean it… 😉 ) Hope your new puppy arrives soon!

    • Names. Oh, that’s a tough one, FF. I’ve been through baby (and character) naming websites and books, to no avail. I hate the thought of calling the new addition “puppy,” but I can’t come up with a thing. Sigh. It will happen eventually, I guess. I love the back-story behind Tommy and Tuppence’s Gotcha Day — give them a hug for me. (Good for you, hanging firm in what you wanted!)

  7. I think preparing for a new dog is a very smart idea. It’s like making a promise to yourself that something good will happen, because you’re going to make it happen. We need all the affirmations we can get these days!

    • So true, Ann. While I’m visualizing a new pup, I’m also visualizing warm, sunny days … I hope the pup vision proves more successful than the weather vision, ha!

    • Thanks so much, Sarah — glad you understand. I’m holding onto the vision, and I think my heart is ready. Not particularly eager to housebreak a pup in all this snow and cold, but maybe the groundhog was wrong!

    • For me, losing Dallas was losing a beloved family member … and just as hard. I’ve slogged through all the stages of grief and here it is, a year later. Only now am I ready to welcome a new fur-kid. Dallas will always have part of my heart, but I’m grateful for the gift of Time, which is a mighty healer.

  8. I LOVE this! This speaks of hope and dreams and the fact that you’ve opened your heart and made room for another puppy. Dallas will always have a place in your heart and will live on in your memories. He would want you to have another fur-baby in your life. There are so many who need the kind of love you have to give.

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