Spring Waits for No One

Spring is sooner recognized by plants than by men. ~Chinese proverb

Once again, I apologize for being AWOL from my blog, but things have become so hectic that I find myself coming and going in circles!

Regardless of what’s going on in my life, Nature continues her up-and-down march toward Spring, and on several gorgeous days recently, I managed to capture some of her splendor.

Please enjoy a taste of Central Illinois’s Spring:

Weeping Cherry tree manages to look enchanting, despite a cool and wet Spring

Pink Magnolia just beginning to bloom

Forsythia … one of our area’s earliest bloomers

I think these are Dogwoods, but I didn’t get close enough to make sure. If you recognize them, let us all know, okay?

Clump of White Daffodils

Row of yellow Tulips, with a few pink ones interspersed

Wild Violets emerging in the grass

Some kind of early-blossoming fruit tree (perhaps an apple??)

Field of purple something-or-other. It was so striking that I had to stop my car and capture it.

For the curious out there, my little tree made it through winter and is growing strong and straight (still with its snazzy red yarn scarf on!)

23 thoughts on “Spring Waits for No One

    • Barbara, I’ve since learned the purple in the fields here is called henbit. It’s a winter annual weed (just goes to show even weeds can be pretty!)

  1. GORGEOUS Spring photographs, Debbie!

    Don’t you just love this time of year when nature is waking up from a long sleep; producing such beautiful colors?

    Your tulip photo reminded me of seeing a bed of tulips (red and yellow), this past weekend when I was walking through one of our city parks. Such HAPPY-looking flowers, aren’t they? When a breeze hits them, they look like they’re dancing!

    Your little tree w/red scarf us ADORABLE!

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty of Spring in your area, my friend. Have a great week! Happy to see that you posted today.


    • Aw, thank you, Ron — both for your lovely words and for dropping by. Things have been NUTS here for weeks on end, and I was debating whether to hit that Publish button on not. I didn’t want to post something, then not have time to reply to comments, and I just hate not having time to visit my friends’ blogs. Sigh.

      These trees and flowers might look different after tomorrow, when we’re expected to get an inch or so of SNOW! Just another reason I’m glad I got them posted. xx

  2. Hooray for your little tree! And thanks for that forsythia. It’s one of my favorite memories from Iowa springs, along with pussy willows. I’m not sure about your purple field. It seems entirely too early for lavender to bloom, but perhaps not. I’d be more inclined to suspect a member of the pea family called ‘vetch.’ We have a species that can make fields and roadsides look blue-to-purple in the spring, despite not being more than a few inches tall.

    • Isn’t it grand my tree is alive and thriving? I suppose it’s in a good spot, protected from the harsh north wind … and I’ll bet that scarf helped, too, ha!

      I think the purple in the fields is actually a weed, something called henbit. Here’s a bit more (https://aces.illinois.edu/news/purple-fields-spark-questions-concern). I should have done the research before posting, but I’m glad to learn its identity now. I’m afraid my photo doesn’t do it justice, as it’s really a striking scene!

        • I understand it can be confused with Purple Deadnettle. I didn’t stop to examine whatever-it-is, so I couldn’t say for sure. Regardless, nice to learn it’s a wildflower, not a weed — thanks, Linda!

    • Thank you, Laurie. Yes, it’s been quite rainy this year, so everything has greened-up nicely. Sadly, that means allergy season is in full swing, too, and many are suffering. But it’s hard not to appreciate the beauty of the season!

    • When I added that little scarf, I did so only because I was being silly. Who knew it would warm my little tree sufficiently for it to survive through to Spring?!?

    • Ann, I never realized you’re as close as St. Louis!! Yes, we did get snow … most of the day, in fact, but thankfully, it’s melting under a warm sun today. What crazy weather, huh?!?

  3. Your spring is definitely coming on sooner than mine is. (That’s to be expected, since I’m a bit further north.) Your pictures made me feel warmer and more optimistic – especially after yesterday’s snow flurries here. I think by the end of the week we’ll be moving more in the same direction as you.

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