Squirrel, napping

A nap on a warm day, in the shade, with a breeze, is one of the great pleasures of being. ~Terri Guillemets, American quotation anthologist


Me a

Nice nap on

A winter’s day

Nestled in the crook

Of a big maple tree

With the warm sun on my back

And a gentle breeze in my face

And no barking dogs to annoy me

A squirrel’s life is the best life for me!

Note: This form of poetry is called Etheree.

20 thoughts on “Squirrel, napping

  1. You know how much I enjoy Etherees, and I love squirrels, so this is a perfect combination for me! Squirrels do love a good nap, and when they can catch one, it’s worth recording the pleasure!

  2. Debbie, knowing my extreme love of squirrels, you also know HOW MUCH I loved this post (poem and photo).


    And it’s ironic you posted this today because now that the weather is so beautifully springlike, my adorable furry friends have been running all over the parks; across the grass and up and down the trees, so excited to see all the people sitting in the park because they know they’ll be fed by people like me!

    Thoroughly enjoyed this, my friend. Have a grrrreat week! X

    • Ron, you’d have loved this little guy. He looked so peaceful, almost like he was playing Hide-and-Seek with friends and chose a safe haven to rest while “It” was searching!

      I used to feed the squirrels in the yard, too, but that was before Sully. Now, it seems somehow cruel to lure them in with food, only to have a puppy chase them all over the place!

      Enjoy the week ahead!

    • We seem to have an abundance of them, too … despite the arrival of a Sheltie puppy who is most curious over these furry critters! This is the first one I’ve actually seen napping though.

    • I agree, Barbara. My son says he used to see them when he was in college, and they’d spend hot days chilling on cool sidewalks lying flat out like this one. This was a first for me, and I was afraid he’d scamper off when I aimed the camera at him. Thankfully, he laid still!

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