21 thoughts on “Happy Fourth!

  1. What a great photo! I agree with Monkey completely. The booms don’t scare me, and they don’t annoy me — for a while! If they’re still going after midnight, that could be a different matter. Still, after the year we’ve had, blowing off a little steam isn’t the worst thing in the world. Hope your 4th was terrific!

    • Blowing off a little steam feels way different than the din we’ve experienced for the past three nights. Just when I think they’re stopping, they start back up, causing both me and poor Monkey to shiver in our beds. Maybe next year I’ll invest in one of those Thunder shirts … though the jury is out on which one of us needs it more!

  2. Debbie, what CUTE photo capture! I can’t believe how fast Monkey has grown!?! OMG…it seems like only two days ago when you posted a photo of him as a pup. He’s adorable!

    Hope you had a Happy 4th! I had to work, which I didn’t mind, however, we were so slow because people we busy having gatherings with friends and family members. But I have to say, the weather was beautiful. No heat or humidity. Just sunny and cool!

    Have a great week, my friend! X

    • That sunny and cool is what we had for several days … before the heat and humidity returned with a vengeance! Sorry to hear you had to work, but I don’t mind working on the Fourth. I’m not much for the noise of firecrackers anyway … and neither is Monkey.

      Isn’t he BIG?? I can’t believe how fast he’s grown. He’s got all his “adult” teeth now and is filling out nicely, now that his colitis issues seem to have eased up. Thank Heaven for that!!

      Enjoy the week ahead, Ron! xo

    • I’m told this breeder’s litters do have a way of growing fast. Maybe it’s a good thing. Maybe his digestive issues are improving as well. Fingers crossed! As for the booms, well, neither of us was happy over them. Monkey snuggled close to me as dusk came on; then, he cowered in his crate until they finally died out. Maybe I should’ve bought one of those Thunder shirts, but I was hoping we could ease through without a “crutch.” One forgets how pleasant it can be, having a deaf senior pup!

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