Miraculous Beauty

The garden is the poor man’s apothecary. ~German proverb

Patch of wildflowers




nothing to grow

from this free packet

of seeds someone sent me.

I’d planted free seeds before

and not a single thing came up —

not one weed, no grasses, no flowers.

Blessed is she who expects nothing, right?

Imagine my surprise when I saw these

new beauties popping through the black soil!

First the leaves, followed by flowers —

one pink, one white, one orange —

and there are more to come,

judging by the buds.

A miracle

of nature



Note: This poetic form is a Double Etheree.

23 thoughts on “Miraculous Beauty

  1. I love your Etheree as much as the flowers, Debbie. I’ve not been moved to write one for a while — maybe I need more inspiration, like your seed packet. I’ve got one of those packets that came inside a birthday card last year; if only I had a patch of dirt to plant the seeds! Your photo proves one of the great things about nature; she knows what she’s doing, and sometimes doesn’t need all that much help from us!

    • Your kind words are music to my ears, Linda — thank you. I seem to have been in a writing slump of my own, so I was surprised when this Etheree materialized seemingly out of nowhere. You’re right, of course — Mother Nature doesn’t need much help from us. She’s probably sitting around thinking, Just get out of my way, people!

    • Thank you, Dawn. I really didn’t expect them to grow because the packets were marked “packaged for the 2020 season.” I didn’t feel much like planting during all that COVID mess, so I saved them until this season. Who knew??

  2. Isn’t nature grand, Debbie? A miracle indeed! They’re BEAUTIFUL!

    And so is your poem!

    Have a super Sunday, my friend! X

    • Ron, I love your exuberance!! Yes, it’s a miracle they’re growing, between the fact that the seeds were “old” and this curious Monkey can’t resist checking them out at every opportunity! Rainy Sunday here — and supposed to be stormy and rainy much of the coming week. Ugh!

  3. You did a great job with that poetic structure! (Or whatever it’s called, you can tell I don’t write poetry.) Still, I enjoyed it, and the flowers are so pretty. I’ve never been able to grow flowers from seeds.

    • I can relate, Ann — these are the first I’ve been able to grow from seeds. And the seeds were from last year, to boot! That’s why I call them a miracle, because I surely didn’t have much to do with them flourishing.

    • Thank you, FF. Little tree is getting taller and wider. In fact, just today, I learned from our yard guy that it’s an Eastern Juniper, something that delights me. I guess I just wanted to be sure it’s not a weed, ha! Thanks for asking about him.

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