Butterfly of Happiness

If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies. ~Author unknown


I was

Cleaning up

Some nasty weeds

The yard men ignored,

I saw a fluttering

From the corner of my eye.

Looking closer, I saw it was

A gorgeous butterfly of unknown

Species, resting on the rocks below me.


Silly woman, pointing her phone at me!

Has she never seen a butterfly?

Well, then, I’m a Red Admiral —

Quite common really if you

Would keep your eyes open.

Monarchs get all the

Attention but

I deserve

Some praise



Note: Poetic form is Double Etheree.





23 thoughts on “Butterfly of Happiness

  1. Ooooo Debbie, what a GREAT capture! So glad you had your phone handy!! I enjoyed reading the link you share about the Red Admiral Butterfly, as well as your poem.

    How clever you are!

    Have a terrific Monday, my friend! X

    • Thanks very much for reading it, Ron — I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ve seen these butterflies before, but I didn’t know what they were, and I was glad to have “an excuse” to do a spot of research. I imagine he/she was rather happy to have its photo captured, too!

      We’re still in sizzling heat here, but they tell us we’re supposed to get a cold front come through mid-week. Can’t get here fast enough for me and Monkey!! x

  2. What a pretty butterfly! Don’t think I’ve noticed them around here — yet. I love how you can write a poem inspired by the happenings and sightings in your daily life. Simply beautiful, Debbie!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Barbara! It was rather fun to write, actually. I had to wait for Mr. Red Admiral to light before getting his photo, but he was fairly cooperative. Not like my Sheltie, who thinks every photo needs a cookie reward!

    • I’m delighted you enjoyed it, Eliza! I never knew what these butterflies were, but it was great getting up close to him (and not having him sprint off!)

    • He was a lovely specimen, Laurie. Perhaps if I hadn’t been all sweaty, he’d have landed on my arm. They saw that’s supposed to be good luck, you know!

  3. Lovely pic and poem, Debbie! We seem to be having a bumper year for butterflies this year, and moths. But I never know what species they are, so well done on the research!

  4. Look at that! The Etheree fairy must be fluttering around, as well as your gorgeous butterflies. I still haven’t tried a double Etheree, but this one’s perfect — the butterfly shape of the poem echoes the theme! I don’t often see Red Admirals, but they are handsome. Now that I think of it, they usually are basking on rocks, roads, or boardwalks when I see them. It does make a photo easier.

    • Aw, gee, thanks, Linda! You know, sometimes the words just come to you, much like an Etheree fairy, I suppose. Other times, I did and dig, unable to come up with anything that pleases me. I’m happy to learn this one pleased you, too.

  5. I saw one Monarch this week. There have been very few this summer. I’ve never seen a Red Admiral.

    I love your poem with the photograph, Debbie. Now, I can watch for Red Admirals too!

    • Oh yes, TD, do keep watching for Red Admirals! I understand they’re quite people-friendly, exhibiting a fondness for landing on you. This one didn’t do that, but it didn’t seem particularly afraid or annoyed by my presence either.

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