Mama the Warrior

Courage is fear that has said its prayers. ~American proverb

I Monkey here.

I’ll bet you all were wondering when I’d get around to stealing Mama’s blog again and telling you the interesting things I’ve been doing.

No, not Mama’s pretty poetry posts and artsy pictures of flowers and such.

The real interesting things.

Like what happened the other day.

The sky was getting dark. Not nighttime dark; stormy weather dark.

Clouds were racing overhead, the wind was kicking up, and I Monkey started feeling my skin prickle.

You know, when change is in the air.

Well, maybe you don’t know. I’m not sure humans feel weather the way we dogs do.

Anyway, Mama looked out the window to the back yard and shouted, “There it is! That snake! He’s slithering around my flowers!”

What’s a snake? I Monkey am intrigued.

Gramma said, “Oh no! Go kill it! We can’t have that thing coming inside!”

Kill it? I guess a snake is no good. But if Mama’s after something, I want to be right there with her.

I’m always up for excitement, you see, and this situation was building nicely.

Then Mama said something about needing to “corral the dog” before she went out.

Uh-oh, that didn’t sound good.

And, before I could blink, why, she’d fenced me off inside and slipped out the door without me.

Hey, Mama, wait up!

Worst of all, I couldn’t see where she went or what she was doing, and that made me nervous as a cat. All I could do was listen, and I’m telling you, the sounds weren’t pretty.

First, I heard Mama’s feet stomp across the yard. Then she picked up a weapon (the hoe, I learned later). Then I heard a series of Thuds along with Mama breathing heavy and ordering, “Die!” followed by some words that nice mamas shouldn’t say.

Then I heard Mama’s feet pound across the yard again, followed by the sound of the water hose being turned on, and water streaming across the patio. Then it was quiet for a bit before Mama came back inside.

She was wearing a big grin and announced, “Got him!”

Doggone it, Mama, if there’s any “getting” to be done in this house, you know I Monkey expect to be in on the fun. But she compounded my misery by refusing to let me out and saying, “We have to let the wet get dry first.”

Wet? Dry? Who gives a hoot, Mama? If there’s an intruder in my yard, I want a piece of him.

So now you know why Mama’s in the doghouse as far as I’m concerned. She might be a warrior, but she’s sneaky and selfish with the fun.

Huh. No cookies for her tonight!

18 thoughts on “Mama the Warrior

  1. “So now you know why Mama’s in the doghouse as far as I’m concerned. She might be a warrior, but she’s sneaky and selfish with the fun. Huh. No cookies for her tonight”

    LOL!!!!!! Monkey, that’ CRACKED. ME. UP.! But I’m sure Mama only did that to protect YOU from the snake.

    Please tell Mama I said KUDOS for getting him, and that she should think about opening her own snake-catching business (Sneaky Snake Catcher).

    Thanks for the morning laughs, Monkey!

    Have a super Sunday! X

    • I Monkey am happy to have brightened your morning, Mr. Ron. Something tells me though that Mama doesn’t want a snake-catching business. She gets all nervous when she has to deal with one. Hope you’re getting some of our cooler weather this week!

  2. Wow! So much drama you missed as your mama beat a snake to death while a storm was approaching! Sounds like a scene from a movie. I’m sure you were corralled for your own good, Monkey, sometimes you just have to trust that your mama knows better. But I understand how frustrating it is to be left out of something so interesting happening. (I’m sure she didn’t think it was fun, though!)

    • Oh Miss Barbara, you are so right: killing a snake isn’t Mama’s idea of fun. But she’d been seeing the thing for a couple of days previously and said something about being afraid I Monkey was going to tangle with it, so she had to remove it. And do you know snakes don’t seem to want to relocate to our neighbors’ yards when we have such a nice, sunny patio right here?!?

  3. Well, I’m of a divided mind on this one, Monkey, and maybe you should be, too. After all, most snakes are good, and some of them eat lizards and rats, just like you eat your kibble (or whatever your Mama puts in the bowl). Think about it. Without that snake, a lizard might sneak into your house, and then you’ll have a new play toy — you might even be able to get some fun in before Mama notices!

    • I Monkey like the way your mind works, Miss Linda! I already have a stuffed lizard with a squeaker, but having a real one to chase around the house would be awfully fun (though Mama and Gramma would have a fit!). I’m just miffed she didn’t let me play with the thing before she removed it.

    • Good point, Miss Dawn. I Monkey have seen the thing slithering around, but it never seemed to smell interesting. Mama is just a worry-wart, I think. That, and she doesn’t want me having fun with critters. Brother!

    • There ya go, Miss Eliza! I Monkey don’t think it was such a nuisance either, but this silly Mama of mine always thinks she has to interfere with the good stuff in my yard. She wouldn’t let me at those baby bunnies either (if you’ll remember), and she’s not too fond of me chasing squirrels.

  4. Hahaha, poor Monkey! Your mama certainly deserves her time in the doghouse! But you know, snakes are horrible – you’re much better chasing your favourite toy, which won’t bite you. Leave all the nasty stuff to your humans – that’s what they’re for! That, and giving you cookies! I hope you made her feel very guilty…

    • I Monkey tried to guilt her, but she was feeling pretty stoked over battling the beastie! At least I was able to wrangle a few cookies from her escapade, hee hee!

  5. I’m so sorry your mom took over your job! But glad she was able to get rid of the snake….that was a brave thing to do, so you might let her have at least one cookie. She probably thought she was protecting you.

  6. Monkey, Yorkie here. My paws are with you when it comes to this type of TRAMA! The separation time in a corral feeling nervous as a cat, not being able to see, and allowed to only listen to what Mama-dog-Debbie was stomping about with loud exotic words of raging excitement without you Monkey side by side. This separation behavior certainly requires training; Mama-dog-Debbie sent to be in the doghouse for a bit with no cookies, not one. Agreed. AND Yorkie here would give the cold shoulder when Mama-dog-Debbie wants a snuggle, until her sweetness returns to her breath. Then no grudges, pure happiness. Cookies and kisses for all, including grandma-dog.
    High paw, Yorkie

      • You are brave woman, Debbie! Even though Monkey gave us some good laughs which we all desperately need these days, I would have gone into hiding inside our doghouse with Yorkie and crawl into our bed together until the monster fear slithered to the next destination. Courage, strength and brave are you!

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