Blooming Nature

May your search through Nature lead you to yourself. ~Author unknown

Peony in bloom



From my walk

With Monkey and

Found again what I

Was seeking — this gorgeous

White Peony all in bloom!

Best of all, I’m fairly certain

It’s the same flower I saw before.

Nature is bursting all over these days!

Note: Poetry form is Etheree.

28 thoughts on “Blooming Nature

  1. So happy to see the elegance you were expecting! What a beautiful bloom and you wrote a delightful poem to go with it! Thanks for bringing us back and sharing the end of the story. 🙂

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! When I first saw the bud, I didn’t know what color the flower would be. Somehow, I thought yellow. But this white was a pleasant surprise, and the scent is heavenly!

  2. Beautiful post, Debbie! The quote, the photograph, and of course…your words!

    Thanks for sharing the beauty of Spring!

    Have a terrific weekend, my friend! X

    P.S. I love the scent of peonies!

    • I’m blushing at your praise, Ron — thank you! I don’t have any Peony flowers in my yard, so I have to enjoy those I find elsewhere. Who’d have thought Monkey and I would find the exact same bush … with the same individual flower sprouting from it?!? Hope your weekend is sunny and beautiful! xx

    • Indeed she does, Laurie. I don’t usually post on Saturdays, but I was just so excited about seeing this flower that I had to share it with my online friends. Have a super weekend!

    • If the chill we felt this morning was any indication, I’m pretty sure your camp out in the woods was COLD! Did Miss Penny get to go along, or is she still too young? I’m not sure Monkey would make a good camping dog — he’s far too anxious and finds too many things to bark at!

      • She’s still too young. She’s been in the tent a couple times in the backyard, for a few minutes each time. We’re still working on her being comfortable in a tent. She’ll get there. She’s not really an anxious dog at all, at least not yet!

        • You’re blessed she’s not anxious. Monk is, and it’s really a challenge. I expect her to be a good camping buddy for you, once she matures a bit!

  3. What a treat! Now you understand my occasional compulsion to return to ‘the scene of the bloom,’ like I did with the pink bluebonnet that I found in bud but five days later found fully opened. I think that must be part of the appeal of gardening: the ability to watch the entire process from bud to bloom to decline. I’m so glad you went back and shared this beauty with us, and added some of your own words as a ‘setting’ for this gem!

    • “The scene of the bloom.” What a great way of expressing it, Linda! And you’re so right. Some people seem to prefer buying plants that are already in full flower-mode; me? I like buying the “babies” so I can grow them up! I just feel more vested in their progress (and eventual success) when I do that. ‘Tis cheaper, too, ha!

  4. Ha, good to see the “before and after”! We’ve finally had a few good days here too, though we seem to be back to cloud and rain today. Ah well! It suits my northern blood!

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