Expecting Elegance

Whoever understands life loves flowers and their innocent caresses. ~Auguste Rodin, French sculptor

Pregnant with promise

Fragrant flower fully formed

Sublime scenery

24 thoughts on “Expecting Elegance

  1. Beautiful Debbie! Both your words and your photograph!

    I also love the quote by Rodin you shared. And speaking of Rodin, we have a Rodin Museum here in Philadelphia.

    Happy midweek, my friend! X

    • Isn’t that a great quote by Rodin? I didn’t know he was “quote-worthy;” I thought he was one of those quiet sculptors!

      Glad you liked this one, my friend. I hope you’re getting some of the gorgeous weather we have — sunny and not too hot! xx

    • Thanks, Frank. I need to go back to this bush and see what color it’s going to be. Obviously, it’s not mine; Monk and I found it on one of our walks.

  2. My goodness — look at that! Not only a fine haiku, but one with each line blessed with different alliteration! Very well done. Now, I have to know if memory serves me. Are those peony buds?

    • Bless you, Linda, for noticing my alliteration! This haiku didn’t start out like that, but when I realized it was heading in that direction, well, I just went with it. Go figure. And yes, your memory is just fine — this is a peony. I’m kind of interested in seeing what color it will become — Monk and I will have to find it again and see if there are flowers yet.

    • This isn’t mine. Monk and I found it on one of our walks, and he graciously let me take its picture (without photo-bombing it!). Now, I’m curious over what color the flowers will be….

  3. Lovely haiku, Debbie! My grandfather told me that his mother treasured her bed of dark red peonies. It will be interesting to see what color this one will be. I hope you will get another picture for us, and maybe write another poem to go with it. 🙂

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