Happy Valentine’s Day?

Call me jaded, but I dislike Valentine’s Day.

Really dislike it.

It started, I think, in grade school, when we were instructed (no, coerced) to provide a Valentine for every member of our class.

Funny how the card manufacturers know just how many kids are in typical classrooms!

Anyway, a few days before the “event,” we’d create these elaborate construction paper envelopes in Art class to hold the Valentines we’d be receiving. Covered with doilies, hearts, and flowers, the envelopes would be things we could treasure.


Little kids of opposite sex rarely like each other (unless you consider those oh-so-private crushes that nobody knew about!). Still, we’d think long and hard about which Valentine card to give to which classmate, hoping the one with the “mushy” verse didn’t go to the kid nobody liked!

Or the teasing would start.

I don’t know what our teachers would have done, had somebody “miscounted” and omitted a classmate. It might have happened, but I didn’t know of it.

When the day was done, we’d carry our treasures home and go through each one, wondering who meant what by the card that was chosen.

Looking back, it was probably nothing more than, “Help me get through this awful chore as fast as possible!”

Fast-forward to my twenties when my dislike of Valentine’s Day was reinforced — big time. One of my grandfathers had to go to the hospital on Feb. 14 for a “routine” medical test on his heart; he never made it out alive.

I know he’s in a better place, but his death cast a pall on the holiday, one that’s hard to put aside.

Today, Valentine’s Day seems like such forced frivolity. An excuse to spend a lot of money buying candy or jewelry or flowers or whatever for your sweetie.

A Hallmark kind of day.

That’s all fine, but if you love someone, should you be telling him/her that every day?

I think I’ll grab a bite of chocolate and ponder that a while!

14 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day?

  1. No wonder you’re not fond of V day – what a sad association! My husband and I are irreverent about the day. We do get cards but if we choose to go out for a meal, we go on the 13th to avoid the crush! I have to admit I do cherish the cards my son made me when he was a young ‘un, though.

    • Aw, your memories of the day sound so much nicer than mine! Even my son kind of picked up on the mood, but I think his is more the “aw, shucks” kind of teenage thing! You’re so wise to avoid the crowds by celebrating on another day — I’ll have to remember that, if I ever decide to throw caution to the wind and celebrate, ha!

    • I so agree! Nor should those without a “sweetie” feel less a person because everybody else is “coupled-off.” As my very wise sister said, If circumstances find you alone on Valentine’s Day, then it’s up to you to be a sweetheart to others! I like that — it spreads the love around.

  2. Oh God, I am so glad you addressed this. I am so glad that stupid day is over. I am sorry about your grandfather; 😦 … I spent the day at the hospital with my mom having her wrist put back together. Hallmark Hell. Great post!

    • Oh, your poor mom! Years ago, my mom broke her wrist playing tennis. The doctors didn’t tell her, but a friend did, that you have to exercise those muscles to keep them from stiffening up. That friend told her to get down on all fours and walk around the house like a puppy. Sounds silly, but she has no pain or anything from it today. You might want to pass that on!

  3. Deb, This takes me back to those school days with all those little cards and heart-shaped candies.The sad memory of your grandfather certainly explains why this day conjures up negative feelings. Now thatI have my grandsons,Jacob,5 and Ethan,4,Valentine’s Day has a whole new meaning. I’m talking about heart-melting homemade Valentines!

    • Those are the very best kind, Kathy, especially when they come from little boys! I’ve saved all my son’s homemade cards and letters — they’re lovely memories to cherish!

  4. I never liked the either – especially in school. I would’ve preferred no cards than cards given to me because they HAD to.

    I’m sorry about your grandfather. That’s just the icing on an already rotten day. I hope you are able to make new memories that will make the day more bearable.

    • I think the suddenness and senselessness of his death was what hit me hardest. I have to keep reminding myself that he’s nearer to me now than he ever could have been when he was alive and that one day I’ll see him again. In the meantime, Valentine’s Day brings chocolates and the promise of Spring!

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