Beating the Heat

Staying inside the air conditioning and away from the sizzling heat isn’t my idea of much of a vacation.

Nevertheless, because the temps were so high (mid-90s, at least) and the humidity matched, that’s just what we did during our recent trek to south Mississippi.

We in the Midwest region of this country are familiar with high temps and humidity. We suffer through them for a few days, then joyfully praise the Creator when a welcome cold front slams through, reducing the heat and stickiness.

But some sections of our land haven’t been as fortunate. People in Texas and Oklahoma have endured weeks of heat; in fact, the entire South has had day after day of scorching temps, punctuated by popup thunderstorms, which refuse to cool things down or dump the prayed-for rain.

Makes for drought conditions, leading to things like wildfires and a ban on fireworks. Bummer.

There’s something refreshing about our Midwest summers. Sure, daytime temps get up there in the 90s, but like as not, the evenings cool down. People can talk walks after supper and even open their windows at night!

South Mississippi wasn’t like that. Far from it. We’d go to bed at night, and the temperature would be in the 80s; waking up the next morning, it was still in the 80s (and if it’s that hot at 7 a.m., you know it’s going to be unbearable by noon!).

It’s the kind of heat that sucks the breath right out of you the moment you venture outside and drenches you with sweat by the time you go back in.

My poor Sheltie in his long, silky coat, truly suffered. He’d go outside to potty, then race back in, claiming a spot on the cold tile floor or next to the bathtub or in front of the air conditioning vents.

He’d give me the look that begged, “C’mon, Mom, find the blasted zipper in this fur-suit and get it off me!”

I noticed a lot of people on the beach near the Gulf waters, where at least a nice breeze makes the weather more tolerable. Swimming pools and shopping malls also are welcome diversions. But not for dogs.

Somebody should build them a water park!

16 thoughts on “Beating the Heat

  1. Have you been to St. Louis is August? It gets all of the mositure from the Missouri and Mississippi and it turns the area into a sauna.

    • As a matter of fact, I have been to St. Louis, but I think it was in July — and it was just as miserable heat-wise as you’ve described! Something about being on all that water just makes a place muggy, even in supposedly cooler months.

        • Can’t say as I blame her — you can put on clothes to ward off the cold weather, but there’s only so much you can (or should!) take off to endure the heat!

  2. This summer has been a scorcher,Debbie, even in the Northeast and we probably whine about it more than anyone else. We have a reprieve of 80’s right now but the humidity will climb next week You’ll probably hear our collective whine in the Medwest! Poor little Sheltie. Our Goldens just laze on the cool tile. Guess that’s why it’s called “the dog days of summer” Stay cool!

    • I’m trying, Kathy, I’m trying — so’s my doggin! Seems like we finish with that awful heat and humidity, only to send it eastward to you — sorry about that! But you’re right, everybody has been sharing the misery this year! Find a nice spot inside and be thankful for air conditioning!

  3. It doesn’t sound like much fun. I don’t know what the deal is with the weather – our summer has seemed much more mild than usual. We hit triple-digits later than normal and it even felt nice this morning. (Last year, the lows were in the nineties this time of year.) I guess we passed on the ‘icky’ weather to the rest of the country.

    I’ve been to Georgia in August – that was fairly miserable, too!

    • Janna, I’m glad to hear somebody has had decent weather this summer. Most of us have been sweltering and praying for rain! Georgia in August?Ugh, misery unless you stay in the cool indoors!

  4. We usually have pretty nice weather in the summer here in Hemet CA. Although Hemet is the dry, poor, dusty inland midpoint between between LA and Palm Springs, the humidity is usually low and we get a cooling breeze from the ocean (an hour away) in the evenings. I told my elderly mom she would love it when she moved here. (Cue screeching brakes). NOT THIS YEAR!

    We’ve had the most bizarre weather lately. More hot and humid than ever and then more cold and foggy than ever. What the heck. It’s like a box of chocolates. Might as well laugh.

    • Hey, Lynne! You’re not alone — I’ve been watching, and everybody seems to have been sharing in this bizarre weather. Some call it global warming; others say it indicates end-of-the-world times. Whatever, it’s certainly uncomfortable, huh? I can understand your mom’s dislike of moving, though — it’s truly unsettling and inconvenient!

  5. We have had some nice breaks in the heat this summer which has greatly improved my mood. I set up kiddie swimming pools and leave the house on for my campers–they get a bit muddy but a lot of them love it. In Chicago we have pools for dogs–you can take them swimming—they have a doggie life guard in the water so you don’t go in with them and usually its just one or two dogs. It’s about $25.00 for 45 minutes…and then of-course we always have the beach which is nice when I am in the mood for sand and fur.
    I like that the weather changes–I always have something to talk about and complain about!

    Let the ac blow!

    • Ah, Katybeth, maybe my “fur-kid” needs a vacation in Chicago! Those doggie-pools sound like a wonderful idea — they’d probably go over big time downstate, but we’d never find the funding for them. We don’t even have dog-parks, which are another great idea. He loves Northern Indiana, though I’ve never taken him to the beach — can’t imagine what all that sand would do to his long furs!

  6. Hey deb, Here in NY it’s boiling today. I’m not the out doorsy type so I just stay inside in th AC…..but this Saturday I have to do my clown minisrty at a huge picnic at a local park and it’s going to be 95 degrees! I I wear a hat ,wig, outfit,and shoes.

    My heart breaks for all those who have lost their lives to the heat….homes from fires….farmers who lost crops. But you know winter will be here soon enough and we’ll be complaining about the cold and snow. You and your dog stay cool!!

    • Oh, Tanya, I can’t imagine being in a clown suit in this heat! Drink lots of water and stay in the shade when you can. There will be far too many deaths from this heat before it’s all over. I enjoy being outside, but not when only a few minutes makes you all sticky and icky!

  7. It hasn’t been as hot here in San Diego, as where you are, but still, I gave my cavalier King Charles spaniel a very close shave (no more long hair on this guy), just to keep him cooler. He loves it. I’ve never seen him so frisky.

    • I bet my Sheltie wishes I could shave him, but no way! Their skin is so delicate that he’d probably end up with a severe sunburn or the hives. I’ve never been to San Diego, but I hear it’s just beautiful. Thanks for visiting and next time you shouldn’t have to wait for approval!

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