An End-of-Vacation Surprise

Guess what I found when we returned home from vacation??

Blooming Crepe Myrtle

Ta-Da! One of the three Crepe Myrtles we planted a year or so ago has decided to bloom!

I was stunned, to say the least. Sure, we’ve had ideal weather for it — hot and dry — but I never expected it to produce flowers this soon! And in my favorite color, too!

You can’t really tell from this photo, but there are buds literally all over this plant. It’s going to be spectacular soon and, if it holds true to others of its species, it will stay gorgeous right into Autumn!

Before I forget, here’s an update on the Crepe Myrtle I’ve been babying since the landscapers snapped off the solitary green shoot it was producing at the beginning of this season:

"Baby" Crepe Myrtle

Yep, no blooms (yet!), but its foliage looks healthy, don’t you think?

The third plant looks much the same as this “baby,” though I think it’s a bit taller.

We all complain about the heat, but I guess it’s been good something!

10 thoughts on “An End-of-Vacation Surprise

    • They are, aren’t they? Too bad the pictures really don’t do them justice! The color is a rich watermelon pink. Now, if the other two will just catch up….

  1. What a sweet surprise awaited you,Debbie, as you returned from your vacation. They are beautiful and it is so nice you can find some redeeming features to this oppressive heat. Enjoy!

    • Kathy, I hope you’re able to stay cool and inside — I understand this “bubble” of heat and humidity is moving in your direction. It’s NO fun, and one can only feel sorry for those unable to avoid its presence.

    • I keep checking the other two, but I don’t even see any buds yet, so perhaps they’ll wait until next year. But oh, yes, it would be so lovely if they joined the party!

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