Good-bye Fall

Fall is coming to a close in my area — or maybe it just feels like that.

Leaves have mostly turned; many have already dropped off. The days are shorter, the daylight surely is. Flowers are slipping into dormancy, my Sheltie’s winter coat is thickening, and there’s a crispness in the air. Homes are adorned with pumpkins and Halloween decor’.

As I write this, a steady rain is pattering upon our patio outside. The sky is gray and bleak.

But sunlight and beauty linger in my camera from last week, so I decided to post the pictures before the snowballs start flying. Hope you enjoy them!

Sugar maple leaf turns golden

Sunlight streaming through trees

Dogwood tree turns coppery

Leaves on tree, leaves on ground

Tree turning red and gold

Tree turning gold from its top down

Weather forecasters are predicting another long, harsh winter for folks in my area. I think it has something to do with La Nina. Whatever, I’m not looking forward to ice. Cold I can take; snow, too, in dribs and drabs. But ice? Not my favorite.

How about you? What part of winter do you dislike most of all?

10 thoughts on “Good-bye Fall

  1. Beautiful photos! I try to get out each fall and capture the colors with my camera too, but I sort of missed the boat this year.

    I am leery of winter. I manage it alright through December when it all feels rather magical. But then the short, cold, gray, dark days begin to wear on my psyche. I get the blues. I’m not a fan of ice either, but the cold is what really gets to me. When temps drop into the single digits or even lower, I can barely take it.

    • Glad to hear I’m not the only one! I definitely don’t like ice, and the truly gray days (especially if there’s a string of them!) are so depressing. I make myself a big cup of hot tea, throw on some music, and try not to look out the windows!

  2. I love the fall pictures you posted. We don’t really have fall here in the desert. In fact, right now, temps are still in the nineties during the day. (The nights cool down nicely, though.)

    I like winter because it’s the time of year where we can actually go outside and do stuff without being lethargic and miserable. Then again, we don’t have ice or snow to deal with. I hope you stay warm this winter 🙂

    • You’re so lucky not to have to deal with ice, Janna. And I’d really like basking in the sunshine when the winter winds start howling. BUT I don’t think I could take not having four seasons! I love how nature pulls out all the stops in spring and fall! Glad your nights at least are cooling down for you — must make outdoor activities more bearable that way!

  3. You’ve captured my favorite time of year,Debbie. Your pictures are exquisite. As fleeting as it is,Fall is truly brilliant. Living in the Northeast, I’ve grown used to winter and actually have learned to enjoy it for the nesting aspect of it. And the best part- no bugs! I’m getting ready to cuddle up in front of the wood stove and watch the snow bury the trees and yard. Of course,being retired does help ,, knowing i do NOT have to get up early to drive to work nor scrape the ice off my car for the trip back home 🙂

    • I love fall, too! The weather seems to moderate (not too hot, not too cold, and few storms!), and Mother Nature brings out some beautiful colors! And, there’s lots of college football! I just don’t like winter’s need for indoor heat; it’s too drying to the skin and I don’t like feeling cooped up. Thanks for your interesting perspective!

  4. Lets not think about snow and ice and maybe it won’t happen….! The fall pictures are lovely, you captured the season beautifully. Our leaves have mostly fallen and while this weekend was pretty nearly perfect-it is raining now (Sunday night), the temp dropped and I suspect most of the leaves will be gone by the end of the week.

    • Yes, it’s beginning to look Halloween-ish here, too. We’re looking forward to two more pretty, warm days this week, then the bottom drops and we’ll be in the 50s. That’s just about perfect for my Sheltie, who loves these crisp cool days!

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