Photos…Before Fall Fades Away

Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons. ~Jim Bishop

Is anybody tired of seeing Fall photos? I hope not, for this is my favorite time of year, and I can’t resist adding a few more to the collections already on the Internet.

We’ve been especially fortunate here in Central Illinois at having a spectacular showing of color put on by Mother Nature. The reds, yellows, oranges, and golds really stand out when the grass is so green. And it’s green thanks to all the rain we had during the Spring and Summer months.

So let’s not wait another minute — come with me on a jaunt around the area and please enjoy the scenery!

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Glimpses of Autumn

Nobody around here really expects this Fall to be very colorful.

Too little rain. Too much heat.

But on my Saturday afternoon walk — minus the Sheltie, who doesn’t cotton to my carrying a camera and posing shots! — I found a few tiny glimmers that Mother Nature is preparing for Fall regardless.

A peek of color here. A hint of things to come there.

See if you agree:

Starting to show some yellows

Crimson beginning to show

Some fabulous reds

Golds and bronzes

Brilliant yellows

Dogwood leaves up close

Yellows and oranges

Squirrels scurrying around gathering food for Winter

Evergreens stripped of their needles by Summer’s drought (probably won’t recover, either)

Corn (such as it was) has been harvested; fields resting

Just a few of the arborvitae shrubs we lost this summer — maybe because of drought, maybe because of pests or disease

I couldn’t resist ending with these purple beauties!

Good-bye Fall

Fall is coming to a close in my area — or maybe it just feels like that.

Leaves have mostly turned; many have already dropped off. The days are shorter, the daylight surely is. Flowers are slipping into dormancy, my Sheltie’s winter coat is thickening, and there’s a crispness in the air. Homes are adorned with pumpkins and Halloween decor’.

As I write this, a steady rain is pattering upon our patio outside. The sky is gray and bleak.

But sunlight and beauty linger in my camera from last week, so I decided to post the pictures before the snowballs start flying. Hope you enjoy them!

Sugar maple leaf turns golden

Sunlight streaming through trees

Dogwood tree turns coppery

Leaves on tree, leaves on ground

Tree turning red and gold

Tree turning gold from its top down

Weather forecasters are predicting another long, harsh winter for folks in my area. I think it has something to do with La Nina. Whatever, I’m not looking forward to ice. Cold I can take; snow, too, in dribs and drabs. But ice? Not my favorite.

How about you? What part of winter do you dislike most of all?