Glimpses of Autumn

Nobody around here really expects this Fall to be very colorful.

Too little rain. Too much heat.

But on my Saturday afternoon walk — minus the Sheltie, who doesn’t cotton to my carrying a camera and posing shots! — I found a few tiny glimmers that Mother Nature is preparing for Fall regardless.

A peek of color here. A hint of things to come there.

See if you agree:

Starting to show some yellows

Crimson beginning to show

Some fabulous reds

Golds and bronzes

Brilliant yellows

Dogwood leaves up close

Yellows and oranges

Squirrels scurrying around gathering food for Winter

Evergreens stripped of their needles by Summer’s drought (probably won’t recover, either)

Corn (such as it was) has been harvested; fields resting

Just a few of the arborvitae shrubs we lost this summer — maybe because of drought, maybe because of pests or disease

I couldn’t resist ending with these purple beauties!